KRET avionics available enters the international market

KRET avionics available enters the international market

Russian aviation electronics may for the first time be available on the international market by 2015. The Ministry of Industry has conducted a competition for testing avionics equipment for international EASA certification. The winner was Radio-Electronic Technology Concern (KRET), which is part of Rostec.

A total of 3.2 billion rubles is needed to test all Russian avionics for obtaining international certification, and KRET will put forward 625 million rubles of its own funds for this endeavor.

“For three years now KRET has been performing research and experimental design development work to create a complex of airborne equipment based on integrated modular avionics,” stressed Andrey Tyulin, KRET’s deputy CEO for strategic development.

He went on to remark that the new-generation domestic avionics, designed by KRET’s specialists, will help to enhance flight safety, ensure conformity to international flight navigation requirements and will expand the operational potential of Russian-made aircraft and helicopters.

“We expect that, in future, the airborne equipment and systems of our aircraft and helicopters will be produced domestically and even beat out their foreign counterparts,” Andrei Boginsky, director of the Ministry of Industry’s aviation department, told Izvestia. He believes that this is another step to ensure that the domestic manufacture of aircraft in Russia increases its added value.

According Mikhail Bogatyrev, head of civil aircraft development and production for the Ministry of Industry, the ministry plans not only to decrease reliance on imports, but also increase the export of Russian avionics.

KRET is already preparing an application to obtain certification from the Interstate Aviation Committee. This concerns first and foremost avionics for the future MS-21 Russian passenger aircraft, whose first models are expected to hit the market in 2016, with mass production subsequently beginning in 2020. More than 50 of the 332 contracts for the supply of these aircraft were signed with foreign airlines. The cost per aircraft will be about $78 million.

“Currently more than half of the MS-21 avionics are produced domestically in Russia. Exceptions include navigation and communication systems,” said Andrei Tyulin. He added that foreign companies working on MS-21 systems include Rockwell Collins and Honeywell.

KRET is Russia's largest holding company in the electronics industry. Founded in 2009, KRET is part of the state corporation Rostec and brings together 97 research institutes, design bureaus, and production plants located throughout 28 constituent entities of the Russian Federation