4++ fighter jet engine shown in India

4++ fighter jet engine shown in India


The exhibition Defexpo-2014 was held in India from February 6-9, during which the Combat Aircraft Engines Division presented a number of promising products, according to the official website of UMPO.

The leading enterprise of the division, Ufa Engine Industrial Association (UMPO), which is part of part the state company Rostec’s United Engine Corporation (UEC), presented a model for the AL-41F-1S (117C) engine to be used for the 4++ generation of the Su-35/35S fighter jet.

Another plant of the division, V. V. Chernyshev MMP, which is also part of the United Engine Corporation, demonstrated a model of the RD-33MK engine for the MiG-29 aircraft.

Also presented was a full-scale specimen of the VK-2500 helicopter engine, a full-size model of the AL-55I engine for Indian recreational aircraft, as well as a 1:3 scale model of the PD-14 civil aircraft engine. The Combat Aircraft Engines Division cooperated in creating these products.

The division’s enterprises, as well as EUC, participated in the event in order to promote promising products for the Indian market.

The Ufa Engine Industrial Association is the largest manufacturer of aircraft engines in Russia. In 2012 its sales revenues amounted to 25,425,000 rubles. Its main enterprises focus on the development, production, maintenance, and repair of aircraft engines and turbo-pumping units, as well as the production and repair of helicopter components.

The Combat Aircraft Engines Division is a business unit of United Engine Corporation (UEC) and includes enterprises and design offices that focus on the production and development of aircraft engines for defense purposes. This division works on major projects such as PAK FA (T -50) engines, the AL-41F-1S engine (117S series), products for the RD-33 and AL-31 series, and the development, maintenance, and service of GTE. The Combat Aircraft Engines Division was formed in 2011 and consists of UMPO, the leading enterprise, and its subsidiaries, A. Lyulki Experimental Design Bureau, Lytkarinsky Machine Building Plant, V. V. Chernyshev MMP, Motor, and Gas Turbine Salute (along with its subsidiaries, subject to approval). The consolidated revenues of the Combat Aircraft Engines Division in 2012 amounted to 32,645,000 rubles (excluding Gas Turbine Salute).

United Engine Corporation (UEC) is an integrated structure company that produces engines for military and civil space programs and installs equipment for the production of electricity and thermal energy, gas compression, and naval gas turbines.