Aviation Equipment has enhanced the T-50 fighter jet

Aviation Equipment has enhanced the T-50 fighter jet

Aviation Equipment has developed a unique aviation system for future T-50 fighter jets. Serial production of the new PAK-FA will begin after 2015.

The new aircraft will outperform virtually every foreign competitor. The Ufa Aggregate Production Association (UAPA) created plasma ignition gas turbine engines and the SPTSU-7.5 electric power system for the PAK-FA. This system powers all on-board electronics.

According to Maksim Kuziuk, head of Aviation Equipment, UAPA designed this system, which is twice as powerful as all Russian counterparts, specifically for the T-50.

The system converts a three-phase voltage of variable frequency from a generator to a voltage of 27 W, with a nominal capacity of more than 8 kW. This ensures the stability of all electronic systems as well as aircraft safety.

The new system is half as heavy as its counterparts, thus reducing the total weight of the aircraft and increasing its lifespan.
The first batch of three SPTSU-7.5 prototypes has been given to Sukhoi for testing that will take place this year. Next year UAPA will deliver 6 systems for use in T-50 fighters.

Aviation Equipment specializes in developing, manufacturing, and providing after-sales service of aircraft systems and components. The company also manufactures parts and components for oil and gas, automotive, transportation, and energy industries. Aircraft Equipment" consists of 35 companies located throughout Russia.