KAMAZ to continue collaborating with BorgWarner


KAMAZ to continue collaborating with BorgWarner

A delegation from BorgWarnerTurboSystems, the largest turbocompressor manufacturer, visited KAMAZ.

Frederic Bernard Lissald, president and general manager of BorgWarnerTurboSystems, flew to Naberezhnye Chelny along with other company managers to hold talks with KAMAZ general director Sergey Kogogin.

The delegation also met with Director of Development Irek Gumerov and Director of Purchasing Rustam Shamsutdinov. The two parties discussed options for further cooperation.
The guests visited the KAMAZ engine plant and the CUMMINS KAMA joint venture, where they reviewed the assembly process for the KAMAZ and Cummins engine. Afterward the delegation visited the automobile factory, where they assessed the work of the assembly line and cab assembly conveyors.
Cooperation between KAMAZ and BorgWarnerTurboSystem (part of the Schwitzer brand) began in 1988.

The Schwitzer turbocompressors delivered to KAMAZ are used to manufacture standard Euro-3 and Euro-4 engines, which are then incorporated into the gas engines of KAMAZ trucks and NEFAZ buses.
BorgWarner is a leader in the production of power units and systems. Their turbocompressors, produced by a division of BorgWarnerTurboSystem, are considered among the best on the market.

KAMAZ is Russia’s largest truck producer. The company includes more than 150 subsidiaries in Russia, the CIS, and elsewhere and oversees 12 major automobile manufacturing plants, with assembly taking place in Vietnam, Iran, India, Kazakhstan, and Pakistan. The company employs more than 59,000 people.