KRET completed 2013 state defence order for Rtut-BM


KRET completed 2013 state defence order for Rtut-BM

KRET completed the state defense order 2013 for delivery of modern electronic warfare complexes Rtut-BM placed by the Ministry of Defense. The contract total amount exceeded RUB700 million.

The multifunctional complex Rtut-BM is used to protect personnel against artillery shells and missiles with radio fuses.

Besides, Rtut-BM may be deployed as means of electronic blanketing of communication and radiolocation systems. The complex is being manufactured at the enterprises of Radio-Electronic Technologies since 2011.
By the end of this year KRET delivered over 10 Rtut-BM complexes for the Ministry of Defense.

Andrey Tiulin, KRET Deputy Director for Strategic Planning, says that supplies of the electronic warfare complexes Rtut-BM will be continued. Besides, the third long-term contract between KRET and the Ministry of Defense is being prepared for delivery of more than 20 complexes.

Rtut-BM is one of the state-of-the-art systems of electronic warfare. It is capable to defend personnel and hardware on 50 hectares.

The complex is installed on light-weight armored tracked chassis. The weapon team consists of two men. The deployment time is up to 10 minutes.

At present some tens of Rtut-BM complexes are in service in Russian army. But the need for such complex, as experts evaluate it, exceeds 100 units. Rtut-BM also has a high export potential for the markets of Asia, Near East, Africa and Latin America.

CONCERN RADIO-ELECTRONIC TECHNOLOGIES (KRET) is a large complex of radio-electronic industry. It was established in 2009. It is a part of Rostec State Corporation. Its main specialization spheres are: development and manufacturing of electronic warfare means and complexes, airborne electronics, friend-or-foe identification, measurement instrumentation of various purposes, circuit couplings, electrical connectors and cable assemblies.