RT-Chemcomposite participated in the Buran project

RT-Chemcomposite participated in the Buran project

RT-Chemical and Composite Technologies and Materials will hold the 20th International Scientific-Technical Conference “Structures and Technologies for Creating Non-metallic Products,” which is scheduled to coincide with the 25th anniversary of the launch of the Buran spacecraft.

This event has laid the foundations of modern composite production in Russia. ORPE Technologyiya's participation in the creation of Buran initially helped shape the company's direction.

One well-known fact is that products produced by Tekhnologiya account for 10 tons of the total weight of the ship (100 tons). This 10% consists of ultra-lightweight thermal-insulation panels, a high-strength glass cockpit, large structures made of composite materials, and other materials.

The development of the new materials with the desired properties required employees to find solutions that were simply not yet available at the time. After all, even the glass of the cockpit had to perform multiple functions simultaneously: sealing, weatherproofing, and ability to withstand temperatures of up to 750° C. And these are just the properties of the glass. The development of materials that are lightweight and heat-resistant, as well as technologies for mounting ceramic tiles to the fuselage of the ship had to be carried out to the highest quality standards.

To the present day Buran has been considered to be one of the leading achievements of the Russian aerospace industry. Evidence of the quality of the final product can be found in the fact that the post-landing inspection of the ceramic heat shield has confirmed its integrity.

The aerospace industry has formulated these highly diverse requirements, and they direct the company's activity and have allowed the latter to take a leading position in the international aerospace technology field.

Over 400 delegates from 50 leading companies and institutions in Russia and abroad will attend the conference. The event has generated interest among engineers and scientists in France, Macedonia, Finland and Luxembourg.

The main topics of discussion have been announced: ceramic materials and structures, glass and optical coatings, polymer composite materials and structures, repair of polymer composite materials, as well as the management of innovation development processes.

The program will include a practical component that includes specialized workshops. For example, experts from the firms STEVIK (France), GMI-AERO (France), SONIMAT (France) and the VIST COMPOSITE (Russia) will share their experience repairing polymer composite materials.

In addition, a very extensive cultural program is planned, including visits to the world's first nuclear power plant, the Museum of the USSR Marshal Georgy Zhukov, and a branch of the Museum of the Strategic Missile Forces.

ORPE Technologiya is a subsidiary of RT-Chemical and Composite Technologies and Materials that is engaged in applied research and innovative scientific innovation in the field of new materials, unique structures, technologies and the mass production of high-tech products made ​​of polymer composites, ceramic and glassy materials for use in spacecraft, aircraft, land and water transport, energy and many other industries.

RT-Chemсomposite is a holding company of Rostec that includes businesses and research centers specializing in innovative development in the field of new materials, unique structures, technologies, and the mass production of high-tech products for use in spacecraft, aircraft, military equipment and weapons, land and water transport and energy. The company is also engaged in chemical production for many other industries.