“High-Precision Systems” is Developing a Next-Generation Pantsyr

“High-Precision Systems” is Developing a Next-Generation Pantsyr

The next-generation “Pantsyr” anti-aircraft missile and gun system will be available in 2017, according to Alexander Denisov, the general director of the holding company “High-Precision Systems”. The new Pantsyr will be modified for all branches of the Russian armed forces.

At a press conference, Alexander Denisov, “High-Precision Systems” CEO, and Dmitrii Konoplev, managing director of the Tula-based Instrument Design Bureau (part of the “High-Precision Systems” holding company) discussed plans to modernize the Pantsyr.

According to Alexander Denisov, there is no equivalent to the Panzer when it comes to premiere anti-aircraft missile and gun systems.

“I think that in three years will be a whole new Pantsyr with brand new features, far exceeding those that currently exist,” said Denisov.

He also noted that the holding’s experts are currently working on hypersound technology. “Results should be available in the next two to three years,” he said.

Alexander Denisov also emphasized that the Pantsyr would be modified to suit all branches of the Russian armed forces.

The Russian Ministry of Defense is very interested a naval application for the Pantsyr, according to Dmitrii Konoplev, managing director of the Instrument Design Bureau.

“Modernization is the theme of the day. The decision was made that an underwater Pantsyr would help modernize a number of destroyers and other large ships. Such work is ongoing. I think that a weapons contract could be reached in the near future, perhaps in the next year or two,” Konoplev said.

In addition, a modified version of the elite Panzer missile and gun system has been developed to run on tracks, per the interests of the Russian Army and Air Force.

“According to the plan, in the near future all of these products will be part of the military capabilities of the Russian army,” said Dmitrii Konoplev.

The Tula Instrument Engineering Design Bureau is developing the new Pantsyr. Its target range is from 200 meters to 20 kilometers and altitudes from 5 meters to 15 kilometers.

The Pantsyr can be used to defend civil and military facilities such as nuclear power plants, large enterprises, critical structures, etc.

The system will be able to search, detect, identify, target, lock, track, and fire at several targets while in either stationary or moving positions and in both manual and automatic modes.

“Instrument Design Bureau” is one of the leading project design organizations for Russia’s defense industry. Since 2008, IDB has been part of Rostekh and remains one of the main enterprises of the holding company “High-Precision Systems”. IDB has developed and put into mass production more than 150 models of weapons and other military equipment. Currently, the company is a noted research and production center, creating the most modern precision weapons. IDB has also developed more than 6,000 inventions in the process of pursuing its innovative technical solutions.

“High-Precision Systems” holding was created in 2009 to consolidate the scientific and technical potential of specialized companies in the development of advanced weapons, as well as military and other special technologies in the field of high-precision systems and armaments for tactical combat zones.