Certification of the PD-14 Engine Begins This Year

Certification of the PD-14 Engine Begins This Year

The application to certify one of the engines intended to power the future Irkut MS-21 Jet Airliner against EASA standards will be submitted this year. Vladislav Masalov, General Director of the United Engine Corporation, has provided details. The Aviation Registry of the Interstate Aviation Committee will preliminarily approve documents that have been submitted to EASA.

“We have received different views from Aviadvigatel (the designer of the engine) regarding the certification procedure. The designer believes that the engine must first be certified by the Aviation Registry of the Interstate Aviation Committee, and afterwards it can be validated by the EASA. But we believe that these processes must be run in parallel to each other. Obtaining the EASA’s certification is very pressing, and it is already needed at this stage. If something were to be calculated incorrectly right now, then a redesign would be necessary in the future, and this process could significantly impact the deadlines for certification. Thus it is clear that we must begin the negotiation process with EASA this year with the help of the Aviation Registry of the Interstate Aviation Committee,” Masalov stated. In May Aviadvigatel began work on preparing for the certification of the PD-14 engine, which is intended to become one of the engines for the MS-21 plane.

Currently a prototype engine has been produced and has already undergone testing. Production of the first prototype test engine is planned for September. Design documentation is also planned to be released this year for installing the PD-14 in a flying test bed for flight-testing purposes in the middle of next year.

The total amount invested in the development of the PD-14 between 2008 and 2013 was 25 billion rubles, and around an additional 15 billion rubles will be required by 2014-2015. Approximately 30 billion rubles will be required in order to modernize production.

The engine will be produced in cooperation the Perm Engine Company and Saturn, which is based in Rybinsk. The deadline for obtaining certification and the start of operation of the PD-14 is scheduled for 2017.

The Pratt & Whitney PW1400 GTF engine, which is the second power plant option for Irkut MS-21 customers, is scheduled to be certified in Q1 2015.

Source: ATO.ru