As a responsible employer State Corporation "Rostec" pays a lot of attention to solving social issues and developing appropriate infrastructure in the interests of employees of the Corporation and its organizations.

The key objectives of Rostec's integrated social policy are to increase efficiency of social expenditures and to form a social policy management system aimed at achieving the following goals:

  • ensuring guaranteed social support for all categories of employees;

  • standardization of elements of social policy, application of its instruments in all holdings and organizations of the Corporation;

  • focusing the Corporation on attracting and retaining highly qualified professionals who have the necessary competencies to implement the Development Strategy of the state corporation;

  • adaptation of elements of social policy to individual needs and life plans of employees, the development of a personified approach.

To meet the set goals, Rostec has developed uniform standards of social policy based on the results of studying the best practices for implementing similar programs by leading Russian companies as well as on the basis of the experience of their implementation by the Corporation's organizations.

Among the principles laid down in the Standards there is a so-called "cafeteria" principle which provides the employees with an opportunity to select components of the corporate social package within the established limits and a list of social benefits. Among the mandatory elements of the package programs there is extended financial assistance and voluntary medical insurance.

Housing program of the Corporation

In accordance with the Housing Program of State Corporation "Rostec, employees are supported in three key areas:

  • compensation or subsidizing of interests / down payment on loan agreements for the acquisition of real estate (mortgage);

  • compensation or subsidizing of rent and utility payments;

  • organizational, methodological and financial support for housing and construction cooperatives from the number of employees of the Corporation's organizations in the sphere of the defense industry.

The program provides for optimization of interest rates for employees, providing them with more attractive conditions in comparison with standard market offers. The participants of the mortgage program are the Corporation's partner banks as well as partner banks of the Agency for Housing Mortgage Lending, with which the Corporation has an agreement.

Participants in the Housing Program are selected by the Corporation and its organizations on the basis of professional and social factors as well as length of service.

In 2016, all the holding companies of the Corporation joined the program.

In order to form an additional source of financing for the Housing Program as well as to create a reserve for fulfilling long-term social obligations to employees the Corporation's social fund has been created and funded from the sale of non-core assets of the Corporation's organizations of social nature.

Non-state pension provision

The project on consolidation of the Corporation's pension assets and creation of Rostec single non-state pension fund has been launched by merging non-state pension funds included in the Corporation structure (NPF First Industrial Alliance, NPF Avtovaz, NPF Rostvertol). The association aims to improve the management of pension assets and the development of pension schemes.

Voluntary medical insurance

Rostec realizes VMI programs jointly with its authorized organization LLC "Insurance broker RT-Insurance" and with the leader of the market of VMI services SOGAZ which allows the Corporation's employees to receive the best insurance programs.

Conducting wellness checks and medical examinations

State Corporation Rostec pays special attention to the issues of labor safety, health protection of workers, prevention of occupational diseases and effectiveness of medical care provided to employees at the expense of the Corporation's facilities.

For this purpose, provision of medical assistance at the enterprises, annual medical examinations and preventive wellness checks of employees are organized which allows to significantly improve the production environment and prevent disease.

By efforts of the organizations entering into the Corporation's outline a direction of industrial medicine is developing. End-to-end schedules of medical examinations, mobile medical complexes are created, including digital fluorographs, laboratories, portable ultrasound and MRI-devices, telemedicine.

The clinic of JSC "Centeraviamed" has taken upon itself functions of Corporation's main medical unit for the provision of medical examinations and dwellness checks of employees of Rostec's enterprises not only in Moscow and Moscow region but also in the major cities of Russia: St. Petersburg, Stavropol, Ryazan, Kazan, Ufa, Ulyanovsk, Taganrog, Chelyabinsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Kursk, etc.

Labor protection and industrial safety

In the perimeter of the Corporation's budgeting there are more than 150 enterprises that have extremely hazardous production facilities which increases importance of the Corporation's social responsibility to society and causes the need to regulate emerging risks.

Rostec has created "Industrial Safety" direction. Its main tasks are:

  • creation of the integrated industrial safety system of the Corporation;

  • assistance in implementing changes in the field of industrial safety;

  • development of a concept, strategy, motivation system and decision-making system by the management in this field.

In order to achieve the set objectives the Corporation is implementing measures to create its comprehensive industrial safety system which includes:

  • obtaining an objective picture of the state of industrial safety at enterprises;

  • formation of a uniform technical policy, standards, requirements and techniques in the field of industrial safety and labor protection;

  • ensuring the quality of management decisions made by officials in the framework of activities in the field of industrial safety and labor protection;

  • increase of corporate culture, formation of corporate values and beliefs, increase of production culture.

Sanatorium and resort services

Rostec has a procedure of sanatorium service of the Corporation's employees aimed at supporting health of the personnel, preventing occupational diseases, creating proper conditions for the employees' full rest and, as a result, increasing motivation and efficiency.

Support of socially significant events

Among the most important areas of the Corporation's social activities is the provision of charity and sponsorship support, including in the following areas:

  • implementation of the state social programs;

  • development of social infrastructure of the Russian regions;

  • assistance in activities in the field of education, science, culture, art and education, spiritual development of the individual;

  • support of physical culture and sports;

  • formation of a healthy generation, promotion of a healthy lifestyle;

  • protection of the environment and conservation of natural resources.