Lomonosov Moscow State University

Lomonosov Moscow State University

Bioengineering department of the Faculty of Biology


The department was established in 2001.

The head of the department is Mikhail Petrovich Kirpichnikov, RAS academician, member of the ‘RT-Biotechprom’ holding (‘Rostec’) board of directors, dean of the MSU Faculty of Biology.

Among the main scientific research branches of the department are recombinant proteins generation and study, molecular modeling for the studies of biological and nano systems at molecular level, cutting-edge high-resolution microscopy (electronic, atomic-force, optic), biopolymers synthesis and study, transplantology materials development and the study of the nanoparticles’ effect on living beings.

The department laboratories include Molecular Simulations group, Structural Biotechnology lab, Laboratory of Biomolecular modeling, Laboratory of optical microscopy of biomolecules, Biomedical Polymers, atomic-force microscopy lab and photophysiology group.