Moscow Aviation Institute

Moscow Aviation Institute

Rostec and Moscow Aviation Institute are working together to train professionals for the aviation and other industries

On 14 March 2013, Rostec signed a partnership and cooperation agreement with Moscow Aviation Institute.

One of the main areas of cooperation between Rostec and Moscow Aviation Institute (MAI) is the training of highly qualified personnel for the company’s aviation sector. This involves targeted education, additional courses, professional retraining, as well as continued professional development for employees of Rostec and its companies.
The agreement provides for setting up special structural divisions – faculties, departments, centres, institutes, etc. ¬– within Rostec and MAI.

Professional training

Cooperation between Rostec and MAI in professional training specifically means that Rostec will be directly involved in the educational process.

For example, Rostec’s management and its best professionals will participate in the teaching process, methodology, and scientific work at MAI, which will include developing and modifying study programmes and the subject matter which is taught.

MAI’s students will have the chance to take part in training and internships at Rostec and its companies.

In addition, students will be able to consult Rostec specialists on course work, dissertations and theses assigned by the company.

Middle and senior management will also be able to study for an MBA under separate reimbursement contracts when required by Rostec and its companies. Rostec’s most highly qualified staff will have the chance to study at the PhD or post-doctoral level at MAI.

The agreement also states that employees of Rostec and its companies will be able to attend language courses at MAI’s Institute of Foreign Languages. This will facilitate international activities, technical assessments, negotiations and individual business trips. Future managers for Rostec and its companies will be trained at MAI’s Institute of Business Engineering.

Other partnership areas

Under the terms of the agreement, Rostec and MAI will cooperate in various innovation areas including:

• organizing and carrying out research, including in the interests of Rostec; joint research into developing, producing, introducing and implementing high-tech industrial products; joint research into organizing economical production processes in Rostec’s holding companies
• conducting and participating in events to promote both the study of engineering and the Russian economy’s high-tech sectors
• assessing projects on education standards and professional competency
• developing and implementing principles and methods to integrate the academic and production processes
• cooperation on issues concerning the inclusion of research results into economic activity
• research and development in medium- and long-term scientific and technical forecasting
• joint participation in projects carried out within the context of technological platforms, etc.

Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University) was founded in 1930 to train highly qualified personnel for the country’s aviation industry. Historically, the institute was set up to train specialists for practically all departments and divisions of experimental design bureaux and aviation plants (for everything from the design of wings, fuselage, chassis and engine installations to the technology and economics of manufacturing). In 2009, MAI was ranked one of the 12 best universities in the country and given the title of ‘National Research University’ by the Government of the Russian Federation. In 2011, MAI was renamed Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University). MAI is a technology park analogue: lecture theatres stand alongside R&D centres, laboratories, resource centres, design bureaux, an experimental design factory, an aerodrome and other student facilities.

Photo source: ITAR-TASS / Valery Sharifulin