Corporate Networking Academy

Rostec's Academy was established in September 2017. It is called upon to become a reliable partner of the Corporation in implementing the development strategy through an effective portfolio of programs, a global network of partnerships and innovative training formats.

The purpose of Rostec's Academy is to develop the skills and competencies necessary for achieving strategic goals under conditions of the modern innovative economy.

Rostec's Academy is the center of expertise in the field of search, assessment, training and development of key executives, formation and development of project teams specializing in promotion of civilian products.

Advantages of the Academy:

  • Common goals
The Academy is created specifically to support implementation of the strategy.

  • Unique programs

Each program is designed for a specific enterprise taking into account its specificity and market situation.

  • Network Format

Due to the network of partnerships, the Academy forms an ecosystem and strengthens Rostec's social capital.

  • Work at selfcost

The training fee does not provide for the profit of the Academy as a contractor.


Rostec actively participates in the international movement WorldSkills aimed at increasing prestige of working professions and development of professional education. The Corporation acted as the general sponsor of WorldSkills Championship Hi-Tech in 2016-2018.

In 2017, the championship was attended by the Corporation's team which included more than 90 specialists. As a result of the competitions in 15 industrial competencies, Rostec ranked second among the largest corporations and companies in Russia in team classification.

WorldSkills methodology is holistically integrated into the system of training qualified personnel for the Corporation. A target team of young workers and engineering personnel meeting WorldSkills requirements for technological competencies which are crucial for implementation of the Corporation's Strategy until 2025 is organized.