JSC Research and Production Corporation UralVagonZavod

JSC Research and Production Corporation UralVagonZavod

One of the largest Russian machine-building facilities

Members of the UralVagonZavod's integrated structure manufacture a vast and diverse line of products for the military, railroads and urban infrastructure, road construction, agriculture, space, aviation, and oil and gas industries.

The company's General Director is Alexander Valeryevich Potapov.

Company history

In 2007, the President of Russia issued a decree to establish a corporation as a successor of UralVagonZavod in Nizhny Tagil. The decision to combine several entities was made "to preserve and develop the scientific and production potential for creating advanced armament systems for armored combat vehicles and artillery, optimize the defense products manufacturing, and increase the competitive performance of the end products."

In late 2016, by the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation, JSC Research and Production Corporation UralVagonZavod came under the auspices of the State Corporation Rostec.

In 2020, by the decision of the supervisory board of the State Corporation Rostec, JSC UralVagonZavod has been appointed a principal agency of the holding company that now includes JSC Research and Production Corporation UralVagonZavod in Nizhny Tagil and many other entities that had in the past been under its umbrella.

As of today, UralVagonZavod's integrated structure includes more than 25 industrial enterprises, design bureaus, and research institutes. The corporation's innovative products have made a significant contribution to the development of the Russian machine-building industry.

For the 100th anniversary of the Russian tank-building sector, which is celebrated in 2020, UralVagonZavod manufactured over 100,000 tanks. In addition to that, the company built over 1.1 million railroad cars and a great quantity of other equipment that is duly appreciated by the consumers both in Russia and around the globe.

JSC UralVagonZavod is the only Russian tank-building enterprise. As one of the largest manufacturers of innovative increased-load-capacity railroad cars, the holding company also manufactures a wide range of specialized goods, many of which are unique: hopper cars, refrigerator cars, log cars, platforms for the nuclear industry, tank cars for the Russian space industry, etc. Another important direction of the company's business activities is the manufacturing of low-floor trams based on its proprietary innovative truck design.

UralVagonZavod today 

Over the past several years, UralVagonZavod has taken an enormous step forward and demonstrated the highest scientific, technical, and talent potential. Today, UralVagonZavod is quoted in international ratings of arms and military equipment manufacturers, and the company is showing the fastest growth among the Russian defense industry enterprises.

Currently, in addition to the latest combat vehicles based on the Armata platform, UralVagonZavod engineers have developed and are successfully testing such promising systems as the self-propelled gun Koalitsiya -SV, the air defense system Derivatsiya-PVO, the artillery systems Drok, Floks, and Magnolia. Military products built by UralVagonZavod have had an unprecedented impact on the development of the Russian military-industrial complex and the global weapons market and have stimulated the growth of many associated industries.

However, UralVagonZavod is not resting on laurels. The holding company is facing serious challenges to design advanced military and civilian products, strengthen its current position, and conquer new markets.

Website: uralvagonzavod.ru