UralVagonZavod Research and Production Corporation

UralVagonZavod Research and Production Corporation

One of the largest Russian machine-building facilities

Members of UralVagonZavod's integrated structure manufacture most diverse products for the army, railroads and urban infrastructure, road construction and agricultural sectors, space, aviation and oil and gas industries. General director – Alexander Valeryevich Potapov.

Corporation's History

In 2007, the President of Russia issued a decree on establishment of the corporation at the premises of UralVagonZavod in Nizhny Tagil. Decision on consolidation of enterprises was made "for purposes of preserving and developing the scientific and production potential in creating prospective armament systems for combat vehicles and artillery, optimising the defence products production and increasing efficiency of the products." 

As of today, the integrated structure of UralVagonZavod includes about 40 industrial enterprises, design bureaus and research institutes. The corporation's innovative products have made a significant contribution to development of the Russian machine building industry. 

The parent organisation, UralVagonZavod, is the only Russian tank building enterprise. As can be judged from its name, the enterprise's core line of activity is development and manufacturing of innovative railroad vehicles and equipment aimed at supplying high-quality and advanced rolling stock to the customers from Russia, CIS and non-CIS countries. UralVagonZavod manufactures a variety of special-purpose products, including many unique products: hopper car, refrigerator car, log car, platform for the nuclear industry, flatcar for transportation of a wide range of products, tank cars for Roscosmos, etc. The stake on innovations is the guiding principle of new products development. 

Corporation Today 

In the last few years the UralVagonZavod scientific and production corporation has made a huge step forward and showed the highest scientific, technical and workforce potential. Today, UralVagonZavod ranks high among manufacturers of weapons and military vehicles and machines by demonstrating the quickest growth among other enterprises of the Russian defence industry. 

A true sensation for the entire country were advanced developments of UralVagonZavod in the sphere of the defence industry. For the first time ever, the Victory Parade on the Red Square included Armata-based armoured vehicles – T-14 tanks and T-15 heavy infantry fighting vehicle – the most advanced combat vehicles developed by designers from the Ural. Military products under the UralVagonZavod brand have exerted an unprecedented and significant influence on the development of the defence industry and global weapons, and have induced the development of related sectors. 

UralVagonZavod goes beyond its successes. New and massive works on creation of promising items both in the civilian and military sectors, consolidation of its positions and taking on new markets await the renowned machine building giant. 

In late 2016, according to the Decree of the Russian President the UralVagonZavod Research and Production Corporation JSC was included in the sctructure of the Rostec State Corporation. 

The holding company includes the following members:  

  • UralVagonZavod Research and Production Corporation JSC

  • Ural Design Bureau of Transport Engineering JSC 

  • Uraltransmash JSC

  • Ural Design Bureau of Carriage Building LLC 

  • Uralkriomash JSC 

  • Plant No. 9 JSC 

  • Kamensk-Uralsky Foundry JSC 

  • Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant-URALTRAK LLC 

  • Elektromashina Research and Manufacturing Association JSC 

  • Omsktransmash JSC 

  • Mobile Vehicle Engineering Institute OJSC 

  • Burevestnik Central Scientific Research Institute JSC 

  • Central Research Institute of Materials JSC 

  • Research Institute of Engines JSC 

  • Vityaz Machine Building Company JSC 

  • Yurga Machine-Building Plant LLC 

  • Tomsk Electrotechnical Plant JSC 

  • Tver Wagon Works OJSC 

  • Ural Scientific Research Technological Institute OJSC 

  • UVZ-Media Service LLC 

  • Scientific and Production Company for the Introduction of Scientific and Engineering and Technical Innovations OJSC 

  • Special Design Bureau of Transport Engineering JSC 

  • Murom Special Design Bureau JSC 

  • UBT-Uralvagonzavod JSC 

  • North-West Scientific and Technological Complex LLC 

  • Armour Repair Plant No. 560 JSC 

  • Armour Repair Plant No. 144 JSC 

  • Armour Repair Plant No. 103 JSC 

  • Armour Repair Plant No. 163 JSC

  • Armour Repair Plant No. 81 JSC 

  • Central Plant of Railway Engineering No. 192 JSC 

  • Armour Repair Plant No.61 JSC 

  • Central Plant of Railway Engineering No.41 JSC

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