Russian investment company



RT-Invest was founded in March 2012. The company makes investments throughout the territory of the Russian Federation, including through the creation and management of investment funds. Rostec Corporation owns 25.01% of the share capital in RT-Invest, which is led by Andrei Evgenevich Shipelov.

The company's mission

The company’s mission is to open new opportunities for growing Russian companies and to increase investors’ profitability by growing the portfolio of assets.

Primary activities

Currently, the priority investment areas for RT-Invest are:
•    Management of industrial and municipal waste, and recycling solid waste into energy
•    Transport Telematics
•    Information Technologies

The first industry in which RT-Invest made investments was in the sphere of waste management. In 2013, RT-Invest acquired the first key regional assets in Kazan, with a turnover of about 1 billion rubles. Over the course of two years, the company has grown 3 times larger, from a regional player to a national holding company with a leading position in the industry. Within two or three years, RT-Invest expects to consolidate a 30% share of the Russian market with the assistance of the most promising technologies and management skills.

Another key area of activity of RT-Invest is in transport telematics. RT-Invest owns and invests in the project company RT-Invest Transportation Systems, which is implementing a system to collect tolls from trucks weighing over 12 tons while driving on federal highways in Russia. This system is unique and has no analogues in the world in terms of either coverage, which amounts to more than 50,000 kilometers of roads, or the number of users, which amounts to about 2 million trucks. The project involves more than 15 Russian technology companies in the fields of information technology, telecommunications, data processing, and data protection. The program will result in an increase to the federal road fund of more than 50 billion rubles a year.

RT-Invest prioritizes cooperation with Rostec Corporation enterprises, which have the necessary technological base, infrastructure, human resources, and expertise to carry out the most complex and ambitious projects.

Website: www.rt-invest.com