RT-Business Development

RT-Business Development

A company that manages assets and carries out financial and industrial projects

RT-Business Development LLC, a 100% subsidiary of the State Corporation Rostec, was established in 2014 to help the Corporation reach its strategic goals and monetize the opportunities through investment activities in Russia and abroad. 

The company's General Director is Alexander Nikolaevich Nazarov.


The company engages in asset management and direct investments into, as a rule, non-controlling stakes in entities that operate in natural resources, technologies, and infrastructure sectors. 

The main criteria for selecting investment projects are as follows:

  • The presence of a significant potential for the growth in value and investment liquidity;
  • The existence of a private partner and/or strong management team with the best industry competencies; and
  • The opportunity to utilize the technologies, services, and products offered by Rostec's member companies. 

Relying on the successful experience of implementing projects that involve the State Corporation Rostec and the standard corporate management practices, the company can be of great assistance to businesses in the development and implementation of their value growth strategy, entering the new markets, sales and acquisition of assets, raising funds, and addressing administrative and regulatory issues. 

Website: www.rt-rb.ru