National Immunobiological  Company (Nacimbio)

National Immunobiological Company (Nacimbio)

A pharmaceutical holding for the development and production of immunobiological drugs

The company was founded by the Rostec State Corporation on 29 October 2013 with a purpose of guaranteeing Russian Federation independence in the production and supply of major pharmaceutical products, primarily immunobiological drugs. The National Immunobiological Company (Nacimbio) is meant to eliminate dependence on imports in this segment and ensure a sustainable development of the national pharmaceutical industry through fostering cooperation with other market players.

The board of directors of Nacimbio includes officials of Russia’s Ministry for Health, the Rostec State Corporation and independent directors.

The company's director is Andrey Yuryevich Zagorsky.

Strategy of Nacimbio

The holding company's mission is to ensure national self-sufficiencyin the production and supply of pharmaceutical and medical products,the shortage of which in the Russian Federation poses a threat to public health.

Mission: contributing to the sovereignty of Russia’snational pharmaceutical industry.

Strategic Tasks:

  • self-sustained development of pharmaceutical products;

  • modernisation of the existing production infrastructure;

  • transfer of production technologies and nationalisation of pharmaceuticals production in the Russian Federation;

  • setting upa complete cycle of production of pharmaceuticals

  • launching a blood plasma production in Kirov;

  • taking the lead in the immunobiological products markets across Russia and the Eurasian Economic Communitycountries.

Key Areas of Activity:

  • "Cold chain" based production and  supply of pharmaceutical products

  • R&D initiation and management

  • R&D implementation on one’s own and in cooperation with other producers to expand the range of production and the volume of sales

  • Transfer of advanced technologies to Russia and establishment of national pharmaceuticals production by way of incorporating joint ventures with Russian and foreign producers

  • Pharmaceutical products and medical devicesdistributionsystem expansion

  • Modernizing and retooling the existing production facilities along with creating new research-cum-production sites

  • Building a blood products plant in Kirov.

Target Segments of Nacimbio:

  • infectious diseases preventing vaccines;

  • blood plasma products;

  • pharmaceuticalsto treat for HIV and chronic viral hepatitis.

Production Assets of Nacimbio:

  • Microgen Scientific-cum-Production Association:a national producer of immunobiological products in Russia;

  • SintezPubl.Corp.: one of Russia’s largest companies producing a wide range of pharmaceuticals;

  • FORT Ltd: a state of the art immunobiologicalmedications producer  meeting current GMP quality standards.

Product Portfolio:

More than 350 pharmaceutical products:

  • vaccines

  • blood products

  • bacteriophages

  • allergens, allergoids

  • anatoxins, toxins

  • sera

  • immunomodulatory agents, interferons

  • nutritional media

  • medical devices for in vitro diagnostics

The company has a Science-cum-Technology Council – a body formed to coordinate scientific and applied researches in immunobiology. The council includes representatives of various research institutes and largest clinical centres, as well as acknowledged experts in this field of knowledge.