Mechanical engineering technologies

Mechanical engineering technologies

A holding company comprised of designers and manufacturers of artillery ammunition and special purpose chemicals

Concern "Tecmash" specializes in designing and mass-producing ammunition that ensures combat capabilities of main attack forces. Tecmash's cutting-edge, high-performance weapons are used by the armed forces in more than 100 countries.

General Director of JSC Scientific-Production Concern "Mechanical Engineering" (Tecmash) is Vladimir Lepin.

Company history

JSC Scientific-Production Concern Tecmash was established by the State Corporation "Rostec in 2011. The company currently has more than 30 ammunition manufacturers under its umbrella. Many of the holding's member entities and research institutions have a rich history that takes its roots in the years leading up to the Great Patriotic War, and a number of them have been conferred the highest state honors. Among the many legendary Tecmash brands, which are well known abroad, are such scientific production associations (NPO) as "SPLAV named after A.N. Ganichev," Bazalt, Pribor, Scientific Research and Development Institution named after V.V. Backhirev, etc.

Tecmash today

Tecmash currently consists of over 30 companies that operate in the arms industry. These entities are spread out between 17 of Russia's constituent regions.

The holding structure is based upon divisions, which oversee the leading research and production associations – the companies that are the main designers of the holding's special-purpose products:

  • Division for ground and sea-based multiple launch rocket systems – a parent entity of JSC NPO "SPLAV named after A.N. Ganichev (established in 1945);

  • Division for unguided bomb weapons, grenade and mortar launchers, and close combat weapons – a parent entity of JSC NPO "Bazalt" (established in 1938);

  • Division for land and sea artillery – a parent entity of JSC "Scientific Research and Development Institution named after V.V. Backhirev" (established in 1932);

  • Division for small-caliber ammunition for automatic systems and grenade launchers, engineer ammunition, and independent weapon systems – a parent entity of JSC "NPO "Pribor" (established in 1941); and

  • Division for explosive devices and components for ammunitions management systems – a parent entity of JSC "Scientific Research and Development Institution of Electronic Devices" (established in 1950).

Tecmash's main focus is on designing new high-precision, superior power ammunitions that fall within the scientific and engineering areas of specialization of the leading designers of armaments and military and special purpose equipment. The holding company's human potential allows it to successfully meet its goals: Tecmash currently employs more than 300 candidates and doctors of science.

Tecmash products

The company carries out the full cycle of engineering and manufacturing high-tech world-class military products.

Tecmash designs and manufactures multiple launch rocket systems, ammunition for small-caliber land, naval, and air-based artillery, engineer ammunition, air-delivered weapons and ammunition, grenade launchers, close combat weapons, artillery shells for ground and naval artillery, explosive devices, and other military purpose products.

In terms of civilian products, the company designs and manufactures plant and equipment for the fuel and energy complex, industrial and medical refrigeration equipment, agricultural machinery, and consumer goods.

Design and innovation

Tecmash is constantly designing new products and developing new technologies. Today, the holding company is continuing to develop promising weapons for the Russian Federation armed forces, and their products' combat characteristics leave far behind their foreign competition. In particular, the company is making further improvements to its multiple launch rocket system "Smerch." In the offing will be not only the increased range and accuracy of fire but also the expanded versatility of the weapons of this system, which will be achieved by engineering new kinds of warheads for these missiles. Further design improvements are being introduced to the 122-mm multiple launch rocket system "Tornado-G." Tecmash's engineers are working on designing remote-controlled rocket-propelled grenades with pre-contact detonation. Additionally, Tecmash's companies manufacture a wide range of air ammunition products, such as free-fall dumb bombs of 2.5-500 kilos in weight.