United Engine Corporation

United Engine Corporation

A company that holds over 85% of the assets of the Russian gas turbine engine building industry

United Engine Corporation (UEC) is a vertically-integrated company producing engines for military and civil aviation, space programs, equipment of various power levels for generating electric and heat energy, gas pumping systems, and marine gas-turbines. The holding company currently employs more than 90 thousand people.

The company's General Director is Alexander Viktorovich Artykhov.

Company history

United Engine Corporation was created in order to maintain the competitive advantage and propel forward, by consolidating, the Russian engine-building industry. Over the past decade, engine builders all over the Russian regions have not been able to meet the demands of the domestic aviation sector. The industry was in dire need of retooling and updating; its management systems had to be restructured, and the conditions needed to be created to ramp up the production. To accomplish these tasks, in December 2007, management company "United Engine Corporation" was established to consolidate more than 85% of the research and production capacity and technological potential of the Russian engine-building industry.

UEC today

UEC strategic goals are:

  • To fully meet the demands of the government defense order and the State Armament Plan;
  • To maintain and develop the know-how in all of the critical segments: aircraft-engine-building, land, and sea gas turbine engines, and rocket engines; and
  • To provide sufficient resources for implementing promising programs and development projects.

The company's key priority is to work to ensure the national security of the Russian Federation. To this end, under the government defense order, the corporation supplies engines for operational, tactical, transport, and training aircraft, and for air and sea-based cruise missiles and space launch vehicles. Also, under the government defense order, UEC repairs various types of engines.

UEC today holds virtually all of the industry's intellectual and production capacity. This arrangement allows its member companies not only to manufacture engines but also to implement, out of a single engineering center, projects that maintain the competitive edge of the Russian-made products.

In the future, UEC intends to gain a foothold as a top-5 global leader in engine-building. Even today, among the company's primary customers, are such giants as Gazprom, Russian Helicopters, United Aircraft Corporation, Rosneft, and Roskosmos.

UEC's products

  • Engines for civil aviation (PS-90А, SaM146);
  • Engines for combat aviation (AL-31F/FP/FN, AL-41F-1S, RD-33/RD-33MK);
  • Engines for training aviation (AI-222-25);
  • Engines for transport aviation (D-30KP, PS-90A);
  • Engines for helicopters (VK-2500, VK-2500PS, TV7-117V);
  • Engines for space launch vehicles (RD-107/108, NK-33);
  • Engines for unmanned aerial vehicles;
  • Engines for ships and boats;
  • Engines and equipment for transporting gas and generating power (PS-90GP, NK-14ST, AL-31ST, GPA-16, GPA-25, and others); and
  • Fuel equipment for gas turbine engines.

Design and innovation

UEC is currently carrying out a wide range of projects related to engineering new gas turbine power plants:

  • PD-14 – a basic engine designed for the Russian airliner MS-21 using the latest technologies and materials, including composite materials;
  • PD-35 - high-thrust engine for advanced wide-body long-range passenger aircraft;
  • Advanced engine for a fifth-generation fighter aircraft;
  • TV-117ST – a turbo-propeller engine for a light military transport aircraft Ilyushin Il-112V;
  • Advanced helicopters вертолетные engines;
  • Gas turbine engines and equipment for maritime use; and
  • Advanced gas turbine engines and equipment for industrial use, etc. 

Website: www.uecrus.com