Russian Helicopters

Russian Helicopters

A holding company that unites the nation's helicopter manufacturing companies

Russian Helicopters is the sole developer and manufacturer of helicopters in Russia, and is also one of just a few companies in the world possessing the ability to design, manufacture, test, and maintain modern civilian and military helicopters. Chief Executive Officer Andrey Boginsky.

History of the Company 

Russian Helicopters was created in 2007 and is a subsidiary of Oboronprom United Industrial Corporation, which is part of the Rostec State Corporation. The holding company has combined the assets of all Russian helicopter manufacturing plants, companies that manufacture component parts, and companies that provide after-sales helicopter equipment maintenance within and outside of the Russian Federation. The company conducts scientific research and experimental design work at two of the largest world-class schools of helicopter engineering, those of the Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant and the Kamov Design Bureau. The company employs around 40,000 persons.

The creation of the holding company was driven by a need to consolidate the sector, to develop common processes, and to adopt unified designs for civilian and military items.

Under the management of Rostec State Corporation, the process of combining assets was completed by 2011. During this time, Russian Helicopters created stronger relationships with foreign partners and increased the volume of equipment delivered abroad. In addition, the holding company acquired the ability to pool the best innovative developments.  

Russian Helicopters Today 

The company is among the world’s leaders in the most promising and dynamically growing areas, including medium-to-heavy-lift and super-heavy-lift, as well as attack helicopters.

Russian Helicopter plants manufacture around 35% of the world’s fleet of combat helicopters, around 17% of the world’s fleet of super-heavy-lift helicopters (i.e., those having a maximum gross takeoff weight of more than 20 metric tons), and 56% of the world’s fleet of medium-to-heavy-lift helicopters (i.e., those having a maximum gross takeoff weight of between 8 and 15 metric tons).

The company competes successfully with the world’s leading manufacturers, and is expanding its presence in the rapidly expanding markets of India, China, countries in Central and South America, Western Asia, and Africa.

Russian Helicopters Products 

The Russian Helicopters product line consists primarily of medium- and heavy-lift class vehicles and military craft. Over the near term, the company plans to expand the volume of light-lift class helicopters, which should further the expansion of the company’s presence in the international market. In particular, this refers to models such as the Ansat and Ka-226T. The Ka-62, Mi-171A2, and Mi-38 will soon be the latest products in the medium-lift class. The following models are currently in serial production: Ka-226, Ka-27, Ka-29, Ka-31, Ka-32A11VS, Ka-52 (Alligator), Ansat/Ansat-U, different modifications of the Mi-8/17, Mi-26(T), Mi-35M, and Мi-28N (Night Hunter).

Developments and Innovations 

Russian Helicopters undertakes active retooling and modernization of its enterprises and is working on a number of forward-looking projects. Key areas of development are security, efficiency, environmental sustainability, the knowledge base, and the development of basic technologies that will be required for the creation of new helicopters.

The company is developing a multipurpose, next-generation, medium-class helicopter. In addition, Russian Helicopters has begun to implement the innovative ’Unmanned Systems’ program that aims to create a product line of competitive civilian and (special) military long-range unmanned helicopter systems.

Considerable attention is devoted to the creation of an innovative infrastructure at Russian Helicopters, in connection with which a National Center for Helicopter Design and Manufacturing was created in Tomilino, near Moscow, on the basis of the two prominent Mil and Kamov design schools, where experimental research, prototype manufacturing, and flight test centers are already operating.

Partner Relations 

One of the company’s priority activities is the development of international cooperation.

In 2011, Russian Helicopters and the Italian helicopter manufacturing concern AgustaWestland founded HeliVert, which assembles the twin-engine, multipurpose AW139 helicopter in Russia.

In 2011, Russian Helicopters signed a contract with the French company Turbomeca, which is part of the Safran group, for delivery of Ardiden 3G engines. The engines are planned to be used in the medium-lift, multifunction Ka-62 helicopter. In addition, an important part of the company’s strategy has become the creation of a global service system based on certified centers and joint ventures for maintaining helicopters around the world. Within the scope of this program, Russian Helicopters has created a number of companies to provide technical support for products in various regions of the world. In particular, Helitechco (the company’s representative office in Vietnam) and Integrated Helicopter Services Private Ltd. (a joint venture of Russian Helicopters and the Vectra Group, of India) are engaged in supporting Russian-built helicopters over their lifetime, from delivery to the customer to disposition.

The Holding Company Includes:

Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant (Joint-Stock Company)

Kamov Design Bureau (Joint-Stock Company)

Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant (Joint-Stock Company)

Kazan Helicopter Plant (Joint-Stock Company)

Rostvertol (Joint-Stock Company)

Kumertau Aviation Production Enterprise (Joint-Stock Company)

N.I. Sazykin Arsenev Aviation Production Enterprise “Progress” (Joint-Stock Company)

Aviation Gearboxes and Transmissions—Perm Motors (Joint-Stock Company)

Stupino Machine Production Plant (Joint-Stock Company)

Helicopter Service Company (Joint-Stock Company)

Novosibirsk Aviation Repair Plant (Joint-Stock Company), JSC NARZ

Procurement and Logistics Center for the Helicopter Industry (LLC)