Kalashnikov Concern JSC

Kalashnikov Concern JSC

Kalashnikov Group is a Russian weapons industry leader and a strategic structure of theRussian defence industry’s small arms sector






Kalashnikov Group is the largest Russian developer and manufacturer of assault automatic and sniper weapons, Vikhr-1 guided missiles and a wide range of non-defence products: hunting guns and rifles, sporting guns, machines and tools. Besides, Kalashnikov Group manufactures unmanned aerial vehicles and special multi-purpose motor boats, and intends to manufacture remotely controlled modules.

In 2017, the company celebrates its 210-years' anniversary since incorporation and 70-years' anniversary of the first output of the Kalashnikov rifle. As part of the development strategy the Kalashnikov Concern has become a diversified holding company of the defence industry specialising in developing and manufacturing military and non-defence systems capable of operating ashore, on water and in the air.

Today, Kalashnikov Group affiliates includeKalashnikov Concern JSC, Izhevsk Mechanical Plant JSC, integrated ship-building companies Holding Company of Rybinsk Shipyard JSC and Vympel Shipyard JSC; a developer and manufacturer of ZALA AERO unmanned aerial vehicles of airplane and helicopter types, a developer and manufacturer of Biforce ceramic armour, and a number of others. In the 5 years to come,the Concern intends to increase its share of non-defence products to 50%.  

Legendary Weapons

The Kalashnikov rifle is the most popular product of the Concern. Thanks to the ingeniously simple design and a unique combination of technical parameters the Kalashnikov rifle has been recognizedasthe best combat weapons of the XX century. For the long 70 years the legendary Kalashnikov rifle, a symbol of reliability, has been used by the uniformed services of Russia and 106 states of the world.

Today, the Concern has already manufactured the fifth-generation Kalashnikov rifles – AK-12 and AK-15.

Another well-known product of the Concern are sniper rifles. For almost half a century the Dragunov rifle has been considered the best weapon for army snipers. Special Forcesneeds have been satisfied with rifles SVDS, SV-98, SV-99, VSV-338. New modifications of sniper rifles development are under way today. For example, a new modification of the SVCh sniper rifle and a prototype of a 12.7-mm sniper rifle.

For many years the Conern has been the leading Russian manufacturer of sporting rifles and the only company manufacturing biathlon rifles. Many famous Russian athletes used the Biathlon rifle at various sport events: Alexander Tikhonov, Alexander Privalov, Vladimir Melanin, Viktor Mamatov, Valery Medvedtsev, Renata Safina, Svetlana Ishmuratova, Olga Pyleva, Anna Bogaliy-Titovets. Today, Izhevsk-made rifles are used by one-third of the Russian national team. Athletes who prefer the IZHMASH brand include Evgeny Garanichev, Anton Babikov, Matvey Eliseev. Besides, the Kalashnikov Concern has developed a new rifle BI 7-7 whose commercial output is expected to start in 2018. The new item has additional adjustment points depending on the anthropometric data of the athlete, and a new design. Today, the Concern manufactures about 500-600 biathlon rifles each year.


The Kalashnikov Concern has demonstrated a variety of new products at the International Military- cum-Technical Forum Army-2017. They included REX-1 electronic rifle designed to disable unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). The rifle is not only capable of shooting down UAVs, but also jamming the mobile communications and Wi-Fi signal. The item is equipped with a collimating sight, replaceable units for GPS and GLONASSsignals suppression. REX-1 does not damage UAVs. The aerial vehicle looses contact with the control centre and georeferencing, following which it is compelled to land. REX-1 is not capable of inflicting harm to people. Weight of the REX-1 system is 4.2 kilogrammes, combat performance time is up to three hours.  The official tests of REX-1 are expected to start in 2018.

Official tests of the AM-17 advanced small-sized rifle that has been demonstrated at the Army-2017 Forum, and its silent modification AMB-17, are also expected to start in 2018. Following that the Concern intends to launch their commercial manufacturing. Such defence and law enforcement agencies of Russia as the Federal Security Service, the Federal Protective Service and the National Guard of Russia, as well as potential buyers from abroad have expressed their interest in these promising weapon developments.

The AM-17 rifle for 5.45х39 cartridges has been developed as a light-weight self-protection weapon for military personnel, and as a close combat weapon for special missions. Advanced configuration and materials guarantee its small weight, ease of use and compatibility with a wide range of sighting systems.  The rifle may be equipped with a silencer. Its stock-retracted length does not exceed 50 cm while the weight is less than 2.5 kg.

The AMB-17 rifle is designed for special 9x39 mm cartridges of subsonic speed and is equipped with a silencer that reduces the gunshot sound to the level of the best quiet sniper systems. In terms of ergonomics and position of controls it corresponds to the AM-17 rifle. The noiseless assault rifle AMB-17 has been designed to replace noiseless assault rifles AS Val, SR-3 Vikhr and 9A-91 by ensuring high accuracy of shooting and performance reliability during heavy use.

The Kalashnikov Concern has revived the legendary brand of Izh motorcycles. The new electric motorcycles are designed for road patrol and guard patrol services of the police and will also be used by the Ministry of Defence.

The Concern works in a variety of areas, including breakthrough non-defence products. They include manufacturing of electric motorcycles and other wheeled vehicles, shipbuilding, manufacturing of clothing assemblies and outfits, airsoft weapons, new guns, short rifles, sporting and hunting rifles.

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