Russian Electronics

Russian Electronics

Microwave engineering, semi-conductor devices and materials holding

The Ruselectronics holding company was incorporated in early 2009 at the premises of the state-owned holding company bearing the same that had existed since 1997. A United Instrument Manufacturing Corporation was integrated into the holding company in 2017. The Interim Director General of the Holding Company – Sergey Stepanovich Sakhnenko.

Ruselectronics Today

Ruselectronics is a key actor of the radio-electronics market. The holding company is accountable for more than 50% of electronic components' output in Russia, 8% of total output of the radio-electronic products, and provides more than 10% of jobs in the industry. 

The holding company is an umbrella for more than 130 enterprise and scientific organisations specialising in the development and manufacturing of radio-electronic components and technologies, communication devices and systems, automated control systems, robotic systems, SHF electronics, computing equipment and telecommunications equipment.

Total workforce is above 80 thousand employees.  The overall annual revenue of the holding company affiliates is above 180 billion rubles.

The holding company's products are supplied to more than 30 countries of the world in Europe, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa and Latin America.

According to the Radio-Electronic Cluster Development Strategy of the Rostec State Corporation for 2017-2025 the Ruselectronics target is an annual growth of the consolidated revenue by 22.4% with a strongemphasis on non-defence products in its product mix. In 2025, the company is expected to rank among the top-25 largest international electronic corporations the civilian goods production of which accounts for a 70% revenue.

The holding company considers system icintegrated projects relating to automated control of work flowsand infrastructure projects as strategicareas of activity. Its Main markets are industrial production, oil and gas industry, power generation, transportation, housing and public utilities.

The holding company happens to a major supplierof mobile and stationary inspection and screening systems, smart transport systems solutions;access control and safety related automation systems for power industry facilities, housing and utility amenities, residential compounds, etc.

The holding company's enterprises have rich experience in developing high-voltage equipment and controls as well as instrumentation for power grids and power production facilities, energy storage devices, metering equipment for energy resources production and consumption, batteries for drilling rigs. At that, Ruselectronicspurpose- dedicated affiliates develop electronic catalogues and workflow specific software.

These solutions allow the holding company to create integrated, easily scalable companymanagement systems for various industries.  

Ruselectronics affiliates ensure a continuous technological background for developing prospective types of civilian products. Thee company considers high-tech medical equipment among themost promising areas of activity.


Holding Company's Enterprises

  • AlmazScience-cum-ProductionCompany JSC

  • Almaz JSC

  • Argon Research Institute JSC

  • Barnaul Radio Plant JSC

  • Barnaul Vostok Specialty Design Bureau

  • Vega Concern JSC

  • Vigstar Science-cum-Research Center JSC

  • Voronezh Vega research institute JSC

  • Volna Science-cum-Production Enterprise JSC

  • Vostok Science-cum-Production Enterprise JSC

  • Germanium JSC

  • Pulsar State Plant JSC

  • Giricond Research Institute JSC

  • Deiton Central Design Bureau JSC

  • DolgoprudnenskoeAutomatics Design Bureau JSC

  • Semiconductor Devices Factory JSC

  • Impuls JSC

  • Engineering and Marketing Centre of Vega Corporation JSC

  • Inteltech PJSC

  • Internavigation Scientific and Technological Centre JSC

  • Informakustika JSC

  • Brook Institute of Electronic Control Machines 

  • Istok Research and Production Corporation named after Shokin JSC

  • Kant Science-cum-Production Enterprise JSC

  • Kaskad Krasnodar Instrument Plant JSC

  • Lutch Design Bureau JSC

  • Design Office of Development Works JSC

  • Kaluga Research Institute Of Telemechanical Devices JSC

  • Kontakt Science-cum-Production Enterprise JSC

  • Kimovsky Radio Electromechanical Plant JSC

  • Kulon Research Institute JSC

  • Kovylkino Electromechanical Plant PJSC

  • Lithium-Element JSC

  • Mars Factory JSC

  • Mashtab Research Institute JSC

  • Mashpriborintorg FTA JSC

  • Meteor Plant JSC

  • Moscow ScientificResearch Institute of Communication JSC

  • Moscow Radio Engineering Research Institute JSC

  • Moselectronproekt JSC

  • Mnogosloynyye Pechatnyye Platy JSC

  • Moscow Radiotechnical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences JSC

  • Neptun Research Institute JSC

  • Novosibirsk Plant of Semiconductor Devices with a Specialty Design Bureau JSC

  • Vektor Research Institute JSC

  • Rubin Research Institute JSC

  • Scientific Research Institute of Automation Equipment JSC

  • Vekshinsky State Research Institute of Vacuum Technology JSC

  • Research Institute of Information Technologies JSC

  • Scientific-Research Institute of Semiconductor Devices (NIIPP) JSC

  • Scientific Research Institute of Software Tools JSC

  • Research Institute of Computer Technology (NII SVT) JSC

  • Research Institute of Communication, Command and Control Systems (NIISSU) JSC

  • Television Research Institute JSC




  • Research Institute of Electronic and Mechanical Devices (NIIEMP) JSC

  • Electronic Equipment Research Institute (NIIET) JSC

  • Novosibirsk Institute of Software Systems (NIPS) PJSC

  • Scientific Research Centre for Electronic Computer Technology (NICEVT) JSC

  • ENERGO Scientific Research Centre for Electronic Computer Technology (NICEVT) JSC

  • Polyot Science-cum-Production Enterprise JSC

  • Pulsar Science-cum-Production Enterprise JSC

  • Rubin Science-cum-Production Enterprise JSC

  • Elektronstandart Science-cum-Production Enterprise CJSC

  • Integral Pilot Plant JSC

  • Oxid Novosibirsk Plant of Radio Components JSC

  • Oktyabr Tambov Plant JSC

  • Omega JSC

  • Omsk Research Institute of Instrument JSC

  •  Omsk Kozitsky Plant JSC

  • Irtysh Omsk Production Association JSC

  • OptronJSC

  • Petrokometa Research and Development Centre of Intellectual Technologies JSC

  • Pskov ADS Plant JSC

  • Plazma JSC

  • Platan Scientific Research Institute JSC with a plant

  • Voronezh Polyus Central Design Bureau JSC

  • Progress Microelectronic Research Institute JSC

  • Radiozavod JSC

  • Radiosvyaz Scientific Production Enterprise JSC

  • Radioexport Foreign Economic Association JSC

  • Rastr Research Institute for Industrial Television JSC

  • Tambov Revtrud Plant JSC

  • Ryazan Metal Ceramics Instrumentation Plant JSC

  • Rybinsk Instrument Making Plant JSC

  • Ryazan Radio Plant JSC

  • Salyut Scientific Production Enterprise JSC

  • Salyut-25 Scientific Production Enterprise JSC

  • Saratovelectronproekt JSC

  • Svyaz Scientific Production Enterprise JSC

  • Selena Design Office JSC

  • Systemprom Concern JSC

  • Control Systems JSC

  • Topaz Special Design Bureau

  • Special-Purpose Computer Design Bureau (SKB VT) JSC

  • Relay System Design and Engineering Bureau (SKTB RT) JSC

  • Sozvezdie Concern JSC

  •  Spetsmagnit JSC

  • Solnechnogorsk Instrument Plant JSC

  • Start Science-cum-Production Enterprise JSC

  • Supertel DALS Scientific and Technical Center for High Bit-Rate Transmission Systems JSC

  • Tambovapparat Plant JSC

  • ROSEL Trading House

  • Telemehanika PJSC


  • Tekhnomash Central Research and Technology Institute


  • Toriy Science-cum-Production Enterprise JSC

  • Ferrite Domen Research Institute JSC

  •  Fryazino Special Construction and Erection Department JSC

  • Photoelectronic Devices LLC

  • Cyclone Central ScientificResearch Institute JSC

  • CyclonBel IP

  • Ciklon-Test Science-cum-ProductionEnterprise JSC

  • Central Design Bureau of Special Radio Materials JSC

  • Central Research Institute of Economics, Informatics and Control Systems JSC

  • Central Research Institute of Measuring Instruments JSC

  • Polet Chelyabinsk Radio Plant JSC

  • Elar Science-cum-Production Enterprise CJSC

  • Electron Central Research Institute JSC

  • Electronintorg Foreign Trade Association

  • Electron Komplect LLC

  • Electronstandart Russian Scientific Research Institute JSC

  • Zavod Energiya JSC

  • Etalon All-Russia Research Institute JSC

  • Efir Tambov R&D Radio Communication Institute JSC

  • Yantar JSC