A holding company of developers and manufacturers of composite materials

RT-Chemcomposite holding company is an association of front edge Russian companies producing composite polymer materials (CPM), special-purpose chemicals and fibres. The holding company affiliates manufacture technologically advanced products for various sectors of the national economy, including space, aviation, power industries, ground and water transport. Kirill Yulyevich Shubsky is the company CEO.

RT-Chemcomposite Today

Nowadays, the holding company implements the full production cycle: from development and creation of pilot production facilities to commercial output of basic components of CPM products, special-purpose chemicals, organoelement compounds, as well as materials and equipment. Two members of the holding company are state-owned scientific centres of the Russian Federation.

More than 50 years of experience in producing composite materials allow the holding company to implement large-scale projects of nationwide importance, including development of components made of composite materials for the MS-21 medium-range aircraft.

During its participation in the Union State of Russia and Belarus programme the holding company developed high-performance ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene fibres to build ultra-light and high-strength CPMs.  

The RT-Chemcomposite holding company is a leading innovative Russian association that was designated as Rostec's competence centre for composite materials and structures.

Developments and Innovations

The scientific potential of RT-Chemcomposite allowed to elaborate and deploy a variety of advance developments: 

• large-size CPM structures for aviation and space industries

    Large-size carbon fibre nose fairing shells, stage sections, conduit covers, instrument section parts for Proton-M, Rokot and Angara space launch vehicles. Materials for space launch vehicles and new-generation spaceships must conform to the high requirements to strength, durability, stability and temperature drops.

The use of carbon fibre allowed the holding company's specialists to significantly reduce the total weight of space vehicles. 

• high-strength synthetic fibres (polymer threads and fibres, surgical materials, protective fibre)

    Ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene thread as a basis for ultra-light composite materials combining high mechanical strength and shock resistance.

Biodegradable polymers based on lactic acid for further processing into household and domestic products.

High-strength flexible surgical sutures with antimicrobial effect capable of gradual degradation and dissolution in human body within 1-1.5 years.

Production of fibres for protection of securities and printed products in cooperation with GOZNAK. 

• Structural functional ceramics 

• Special glass

The holding company is uniquely experienced in glass processing and production of glass products. An enterprise of the holding company has manufactured the V.I. Lenin's coffin using a unique "optical wedge" technology thatensures visual perception of the object without any distortion from any point in the room. 

A transparency was developed with a nano-scale multi-purpose coating for purposes of protecting flight teams of new combat planes against harmful exposure to external factors. 80-90 nm thick coating allows to reduce electromagnetic radiation by 250 times and radar visibility by 40-60%.

• Production of small-volume chemicals

Technology developments of the holding company in the area of special chemicals allow to produce a wide range of products: basic, fine organic and inorganic synthesis products – caustic soda, chlorine-containing products, synthetic resins, solvents, fire retardants, crop protection chemicals, boron, its compounds, etc.

The leading enterprise of RT-Chemcomposite, ORPE Technologiya (Kaluga Region, town of Obninsk), in cooperation with NPO Lavochkin (Moscow Region, town of Khimki), has created a brand new system for thermal control of space vehicles, including thermal honeycomb panels with thermooptic coating. The thermal control panels developed by the Obninsk enterprise are used in such space vehicles as Spektr-R, Spektr-RG, Elektro, Luna-Glob, Luna-Resurs, KazSat, Kanopus-V, EKS, Rezonans, small spacecraft for basic space exploration, etc. Know-how of the specialists allowed to reduce the weight of satellites and significantly increase their service life.

The holding company has developed technologically advanced components for the MS-21 medium-range aircraft, including integral stringer panels of fin box and tailplane with improved load-bearing capacity.

The Holding Company Includes the Following Members: 

  • Technologiya Obninsk Research and Production Enterprise named after A.G. Romashin JSC (ORPE TechnologiyaJSC), Kaluga Oblast;

  • State Research Institute for Chemistry and Technology of Organoelement Compounds State Scientific Centre of the Russian Federation JSC, Moscow;

  • Research Institute of Synthetic Fibre with the Pilot Plant JSC (VNIISV JSC), Tver Oblast;

  • Eastern Research Institute of Coal Chemistry JSC (VUKHIN JSC), Yekaterinburg;

  • Ural Chemical Research Institute JSC with the Pilot Plant (UNICHIM JSC with the pilot plant), Yekaterinburg;

  • All-Russia Vologdin Research Institute of High-Frequency Currents JSC (VNIITVCH JSC), Saint Petersburg;

  • Scientific Research Institute of Technical Glass JSC (NITS JSC), Moscow;

  • V. A. Kargin Polymer Chemistry and Technology Research Institute Federal State Unitary Enterprise with the pilot plant (Kargin Polymer NII FGUP), Dzerzhinsk, Nizhny Novgorod Region;    

  • G. S. Petrov Research Institute of Plastics JSC, Moscow 

  • Chem-Trade LLC, Moscow.

Website: http://www.rt-chemcomposite.ru/