A holding company comprised of composite materials designers and manufacturers

JSC RT-Chemcomposite is a holding company that brings together leading innovative Russian research and development institutions and production facilities operating in the field of polymer composite materials, polymer composite materials-based goods and systems, structural optics, high-tech polymers, low and medium-tonnage chemistry, and synthetic fibers. Through its operations, the company meets a wide range of strategic goals and invests in the development of promising state-of-the-art solutions in order to maintain its technological leadership. RT-Chemcomposite member entities manufacture unique high-tech products for the military-industrial complex, aerospace industry, aviation, energy sector, oil and gas industry, healthcare, transportation, and many other sectors of the economy. Two of the holding company's entities have been designated as the Russian Government Research Centers.

The company's General Director is Kirill Yulyevich Shubsky.

Company history

JSC RT-Chemcomposite was established by the State Corporation Rostech as the knowledge hub in the field of polymer composite materials.

The company history began on May 5, 2009, when the integrated holding company's management structure was first established. The new entity's first official name was "Scientific Production Concern Composite Materials and Technologies." On April 21, 2011, the holding acquired its current full official name "RT-Chemical Technologies and Composite Materials," or, for short, RT-Chemcomposite.

RT-Chemcomposite today

RT-Chemcomposite's current focus is on the development of conventional know-how, re-tooling, the expansion of its existing production capacities, broadening the scope of its competencies, the creation or acquisition of new assets, and the implementation of investment projects.

In order to create the conditions necessary for upgrading and expanding its scientific and production activities and manufacture competitive products, a massive investment program is in the works, which will be funded from the federal and private sources and will facilitate public-private partnerships.

New production lines and facilities will be established to implement innovations, gradually replace imported high-tech products and saturate the market with high-quality high-tech goods manufactured domestically, ensure Russia's independence from foreign manufacturers in terms of critically-important technologies, and increase the export of Russian-made high-tech products.

RT-Chemcomposite products

RT-Chemcomposite companies manufacture over 700 products that involve polymer composite materials, goods and systems made out of polymer composite materials, silicate and acrylic glass structural optics products, technical ceramic products, carbon fiber PAN precursors, various types of synthetic fibers, fiber-bonded cloth, medical-grade fibrous materials, organo-silicon compounds and products that incorporate them, high-tech polymers and products that incorporate them, high energy materials, high temperature resistant materials, biopharmaceuticals for healthcare and agriculture, and other organic and non-organic chemical products.

Design and innovation 

The RT-Chemcomposite's scientific potential allows the company to create and implement advanced designs in the field of polymer composite materials, synthetic fibers, structural optics, high-tech polymers, technical ceramics, crystallized glass, specialized glass, low and medium-tonnage chemistry products, and biotechnologies. The holding company's member entities have traditionally been the leading components and parts suppliers for the military-industrial complex manufacturers, aviation, and aerospace industries, and have functioned as their key materials engineering centers.

The new-generation materials designed for carrier rockets and spaceships meet the strictest requirements in terms of strength, durability, and temperature fluctuation resistance. The holding's brainpower was behind the design of high-tech components for the medium-range aircraft МС-21 and the composite structural parts of airframe and glass for the new Russian agricultural aircraft Т-500.

Website: http://www.rt-Chemcomposite.ru/