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12 Sep 2017
Russian Helicopters to Participate in China Helicopter Expo 2017

The company's display includes models of Mi-171A2 and light Ansat helicopters

25 Aug 2017
Rosoboronexport to Supply Mi-171SH Helicopters to Burkina Faso

Over the past 10 years, the number of the exported Mi-17 helicopters has reached 800 pieces

17 Aug 2017
Mi-172A2 Helicopter is Ready for Commercial Deliveries

Russian Helicopters Holding Company obtained a type certificate for medium utility Mi-171A2 helicopter

17 Jul 2017
Rosoboronexport to sign over 10 contracts and cooperation agreements at MAKS-2017

It is the first time Rosoboronexport will use several state-of-the-art exhibition technologies, namely holographic multimedia catalogs and levitation table

09 Feb 2016
A VIP version of the Mi-171E helicopter has been delivered to Uganda

The aircraft is intended for the government of Uganda

02 Feb 2016
Rostec has transferred to India the final batch of Mi-17V-5 helicopters as part of a major contract

In the near future, the Indian Air Force plans to order another 48 helicopters

21 Jan 2016
The King of Bahrain has expressed interest in the latest Russian helicopters

Russian multipurpose helicopters have been presented at the Bahrain International Airshow for the first time

21 Jan 2016
Russian Helicopters is participating in the Bahrain International Airshow for the first time

The holding is presenting its multipurpose aircraft in Bahrain

20 Jan 2016
Russian Helicopters is ready to provide aftersales service for the Mi-8/17 in Serbia

The holding company is considering retrofitting the repair facilities of the aircraft factory Moma Stanojlovic

22 Dec 2015
Russian Helicopters offers after-sales service system for Mi-8/17 helicopters operated in the Middle East

An agreement was signed between Russian Helicopters and its Iranian partners for the technical evaluation of the IHSRC plant

21 Dec 2015
Russian Helicopters takes part in Trade and Industrial Dialogue: Russia-Iran 2015

During the exhibition, the company will showcase commercial developments

09 Dec 2015
Russian Helicopters will overhaul the Egyptian based Mi-8/17

The holding company will supply required equipment and provide training to personnel

25 Nov 2015
Russian Helicopters delivers first Arctic helicopter to Russia’s Defence Ministry

The first Arctic helicopter was developed specially for operation in the country’s north in temperatures lower than -40°С

09 Nov 2015
Russian Helicopters launches flight testing of second Mi-171A2 prototype

Pre-flight and certification testing are also currently underway

09 Nov 2015
Rostec is strengthening its position in the Middle East

The Dubai Airshow has become a good platform for negotiations with traditional partners in the region

05 Nov 2015
Russian Helicopters to showcase new Mi-171A2 alongside VIP Ansat and Ka-32A11BC firefighter

Holding to participate at Dubai Airshow

28 Oct 2015
Russian Helicopters showcases latest helicopters at FIHAV-2015

The event will be held in Havana, Cuba, from 2-7 November 2015

14 Sep 2015
Russian Helicopters has offered upgraded Russian technology to China

The holding proposed the after-sales service at an exhibition in Tianjin

09 Sep 2015
Russian Helicopters is poised to supply Mi-171 helicopters to China

These helicopters are a perfect fit for operation over complex terrain regions

21 May 2015
Successfully conclude flight tests on the Mi-171A2

Russian Helicopters tested the flying laboratory

22 Apr 2015
A government delegation from Cuba visited a Russian Helicopters plant

The Russian plant demonstrated the production technology that Cuba could attain through a long-term cooperation agreement

17 Mar 2015
Russian Helicopters will present its latest products in Malaysia

The new products presented at LIMA-2015 will include the Mi-171A2 helicopter

18 Feb 2015
Rostec Corporation to present an enormous exhibit at Aero India - 2015

More than 30 Russian companies will present their products

02 Dec 2014
Russian Helicopters start delivering new batch of Mi-171Sh to Peru

Under the contract will be supplied 24 helicopters

25 Nov 2014
“Russian helicopters” performed MI-171A2 Test Trial

During flight, its major systems have demonstrated excellent performance

05 Nov 2014
Russian Helicopters Presents Latest Designs in the UAE

Mil Mi-171-A2 and Kamov Ka-32A-11VS helicopters on display at the 2014 Dubai Helishow

05 Nov 2014
Rosoboronexport Presents Military Products in Indonesia

Officials to discuss supplies of Russian equipment at the Indo Defence 2014 trade show

30 Oct 2014
Russia completes Mi-17V-5 supplies to Afghanistan

63 helicopters was produced at Kazan Helicopters, part of Russian Helicopters

Deep modernization of a legendary helicopter

Russian Helicopters and KRET are helping to build the Mi-171A2

09 Oct 2014
Up to 200 Russian Helicopters Involved in UN Missions

Russian Helicopters Showcases Unique Capabilities of Russian Rotorcraft in Geneva

03 Oct 2014
Commander of American and NATO forces in Afghanistan is impressed with the Mi-17 helicopter

General John Campbell described the capabilities of the helicopter “incredible”

01 Oct 2014
What Lifts Helicopter in the Air

About the structural features of blades and flight safety

23 Sep 2014
Russian Helicopters is testing the Mi-171A2 with the KBO-17 onboard avionics system

The holding company plans to certify the helicopter by 2015

17 Sep 2014
Russian Helicopters to present military and civilian aircraft in South Africa

Experts will discuss the unique capabilities of the Mi-171SH, Mi-17-V5, Mi-35M, and Ansat-U helicopters

03 Sep 2014
Russian Helicopters present relevant multi-purpose aircrafts

During the Hydroaviasalon - 2014 the holding shared their experience of operating helicopters in water regions

12 Aug 2014
Russian Helicopters to describe operating aircraft in Latin America

Specialists will describe the features of the Mi-171A1 and Ka-32A11BC at the LABACE 2014 exhibition

05 Aug 2014
The first Russian Arctic helicopter to be built in Ulan-Ude

Tests will begin this winter

14 Jul 2014
Russian Helicopters to show civil and military versions of its aircraft in the UK

The Farnborough International Air Show will showcase the holding's latest models

30 Jun 2014
Holding Russian Helicopters presented Mi-38 in China

New civil helicopters are taking part in Trade and Economic Fair HTF-2014

22 May 2014
The day of Russian Helicopters

The holding shows a new helicopter model at HeliRussia-2014

18 Apr 2014
«Hop and Go»

The chief designer of Kazan Helicopters, Alexey Garipov, has explained why the Ansat helicopter will be in high demand

08 Apr 2014
Russian Helicopters to fly to Malaysia

The holding company will participate in the 14th DSA international arms exposition

25 Mar 2014
Russian Helicopters to showcase new models in Chile

The company will present multirole Mi-35M military transport helicopter

17 Mar 2014
Helicopters Mi-171A1 score cargo transport record

Holding "Russian Helicopters" bring under South American markets

13 Mar 2014
Anniversary model Mi-17 ready to send to India

The 3,500th export helicopter will be delivered under a contract signed by Rosoboronexport

24 Feb 2014
Russian Helicopters to showcase new helicopters at USA

Multipurpose helicopters Mi-171A2, and Mi-38 will be shown at the exhibition Heli-Expo 2014

12 Feb 2014
Afghanistan will receive a new batch of Mi-17

Russia began to deliver helicopters under the contract with the USA

24 Jan 2014
India's leaders will fly in Kazan helicopters

Special Mi-17V-5 helicopters are being prepared in advance of the election campaign for the Indian parliament

27 Nov 2013
Indonesia received another Mi-171

Russian Helicopters delivers latest commercial helicopter to Airfast Indonesia

20 Nov 2013
New VIP helicopters shown to Kremlin administrators

The Administrative Office of the President has been shown the Mi-171A2 and Mi-38 helicopter models

07 Nov 2013
The latest developments of Russian Helicopters presented in Cuba

The Russian holding company showed the Ansat, Mi-171A2 and Mi-17V-5 at the FIHAV-2013 show

29 Oct 2013
Russian Helicopters will participate in SEOUL ADEX 2013

The holding company will present the firefighting Ka-32A11BC, the multipurpose Mi-171A2, and the new Ka-62 helicopter models

16 Oct 2013
Russian Helicopters delivers Mi-171E to Kazakhstan

Mi-171E is able to operate across localities from steppe to mountains and can withstand temperatures from plus to minus 50

03 Sep 2013

28 Aug 2013
Russia will supply Cameroon with Mi-17 helicopters

Rosoboronexport signed a contract with the Ministry of Defense of this african republic at MAKS-2013 air show

13 Aug 2013
Women air display team Colibri at an air show in Italy

Open Italian Helicopter Games 2013 are to be held in Caiolo airfield

05 Aug 2013
Russian Helicopters to supply 40 «Terminators» for the Defense Ministry

A federal contract valued at 12.6 billion rubles

26 Jul 2013
Police helicopter will help in the fight against poachers

The aviation factory in Ulan-Ude has released a police helicopter

23 Jul 2013
Forbes’ five helicopters of the future

What will the third largest helicopter building company offer to the market in future?

17 Jul 2013
Russian helicopters in Afghanistan

The US is to supply the Afghan Air Force with 86 Russian Mi-17 helicopters

04 Jul 2013
Russian Helicopters delivers latest cargo and passenger Mi-171A1 to Brazil

Atlas Taxi Aereo appreciates the advantages of the Мi-171А1, including excellent flight performance, reliability and easy maintenance

28 Jun 2013
USA continues the purchase of the Mi-17 helicopters

The Pentagon has denied an offer to stop the Russian helicopters acquisition

19 Jun 2013
Helicopter “package” for Afghanistan

Rosoboronexport has signed a contract to supply the Afghan military with 30 Mi-17 helicopters

19 Jun 2013
New navigation instrumentation for Mi-171A2 helicopter

Radioelectronic Technologies has presented new avionics at Paris Air Show 2013

17 May 2013
The US needs more Russian helicopters

The supply of additional Mi-17V5 helicopters to Afghanistan is being discussed

05 Mar 2013
Russian Helicopters to Enter US Markets

Russian Helicopters Holding Company to introduce multi-role Kamov Ka-62, Mil Mi-171A2 and Kamov Ka-32A11BC at Heli-Expo 2013

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