Innovative development

‘Rostec’ research and development teams allow Russian industry conforming to international standards

According to approved development programme for 2011-2020 ‘Rostec’ is to implement over 1000 projects with total financing amount of 1 billion roubles. By 2020 innovative production rate of the corporation companies is estimated to rise from 5% to 15%.

At the moment cooperation with leading Russian innovative structures as ‘Skolkovo’ Innovation Centre, ‘Rusnano’ and ‘Russian Venture Company’ is growing rapidly.

Moreover ‘Rostec’ companies succeeded in R&D and high technology innovative goods designing. This production is highly demanded on both Russian and international markets.


CRI ‘Cyclone’ was the third in the world to design special micro displays for both thermal imagery devices and TV-sets and is now to launch its production.

‘Russian Helicopters’ develops a revolutionary manned and unmanned helicopter control system which allows to considerably facilitate pilot work in future.

AVTOVAZ has elaborated Lada Kalina into El Lada electro car and is now developing new hybrid passenger car and an off-roader.

‘Yota’ launched LTE networks among the first in the world. The technology permits substantially increase data transfer rate.

‘Azimut’ developed new ‘Galaxy’ air traffic control system to create consolidated air traffic management centres. The system is capable of controlling up to 4 thousand aircrafts concurrently. It is based on Russian software and is fully compliant with European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation (Eurocontrol) and International Civil Aviation Association (ICAO) standards.

You can find some of the ‘Rostec’ developments in the ‘Research projects’ section.

Project bid

In June, 2012 ‘Rostec’ offered the First civil innovative Russian defence-industry complex projects open tender. The bid aims to diversify the activity of defence-industry sector complex companies and promote their participation in innovative economy development. This is expected to result in world-class competitive goods manufacturing and promotion on high technology civil production market.

The tender has 4 categories:

• Best world-class innovative goods R&D
• Best innovative product
• Best innovative business
• Best innovative project management team

The methods worked out during the tender are to be implemented for new technologies research and commercialization.

Russian Technological Development Fund in cooperation with ‘Rostec’ founded special prize for the Best production technology development innovative project within the bid. In 2012 the prize went to NRI ’Electron’ (‘Ruselectronics’ holding) for unique emitting diode microchips R&D. The Fund provided the company with a 190 million rouble five-year preferential credit on 3% rate.