17 Nov 2017

Sovigripp: Reliable Protection for Children and Adults


As usual, in autumn a flu vaccination campaign is being conducted all over Russia. The National Immunobiological Company (Nacimbio) has already supplied 58 million doses of flu vaccine to the Russian regions as part of the Russian Preventive Vaccines Calendar. During this flu season anyone can get an efficient and safe vaccine Sovigripp produced domestically.

Despite the active preventive measures, flu epidemics occur each year all over the world. Anti-viral medications are often incapable of protecting against potential serious complications such as pneumonia, otitis and meningitis. During the flu season of 2016/2017 only there were 38 lethal cases of flu registered in Russia, and 671 more – one year earlier. The overwhelming majority of cases occur in non-vaccinated citizens. According to the medical workers, so far vaccination is still the most efficient protection against flu.

The anti-flu vaccines used today as part of the National Vaccine Calendar are produced in Russia by Nacimbio, a Rostec member. As early as in 2013, the enterprise produced a new flu vaccine, Sovigripp, that could compete with foreign equivalents. The medication gained recognition of WHO and since 2015 it has been used for free vaccination of the population.

The Sovigripp vaccine includes surface components of flu viral envelope of various strains. A new composition is developed for each flu season according to the recommendations of WHO. The thing is that flu viruses continuously mutate so the vaccine composition must change, otherwise it would be inefficient. During this flu season, triple flu vaccines such as Sovigripp contain the following flu strains: A (H1N1) / Michigan , A (H3N2)/ Hong Kong and B / Brisbane.

It is not the composition that makes Sovigripp unique, but adjuvant – an additive that strengthens the immune response of the substance. Similar flu vaccines contain Polyoxidonium adjuvant, and Sovigripp is the only vaccine containing Sovidon. The polymer nature of this component guarantees its useful properties – deactivation of toxins, immunity building, antioxidant properties, protection of membranes and cells. It is this component that ensures the vaccine's efficiency.

Each citizen decides whether or not to get vaccinated in its sole discretion. But one should remember that vaccination allows to minimise the risks of coming down with the flu, ease the progress of the disease and significantly reduce the risk of complications.