15 Nov 2017

Incubator IDN-03: Lives of Children Are Top Priority


Neonatal incubators by the Shvabe holding company are a landmark development of Rostec. They have already saved millions of children's lives all over the world. One of the holding company's key equipment is incubator IDN-03 that allows to nurse infants weighing 500 g and above.

Intensive care to infants with an extremely low body weight (less than 1 kg) was first provided in 2012 when the new requirements to newborns registration were adopted in Russia according to the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO). According to the new rules any infants born at week 22 and later whose body weight is 500 grams and above or length of 25 cm must be nursed.

The struggle for lives of little patients was seriously aggravated by the lack of necessary neonatal equipment. The Russian government approved construction of new perinatal centres and re-equipment of the existing centres across the entire country. This required purchase of state-of-the-art and high-quality neonatal equipment. It is this equipment that has become a core line of Shvabe's work. Today, thanks to the advanced equipment manufactured by the holding company, perinatal centres save thousands of baby lives.

Shvabe manufactures a whole range of neonatal devices, including infant incubators, neonatal tables for postpartum intensive care, phototherapy lamps and much more. According to experts, in terms of design, construction and performance this equipment is equal to foreign equivalents. It is popular not only in our country, but also abroad. A good evidence of this fact is CE marking on many medical devices manufactured by Shvabe. The infant neonatal incubator IDN-03 also bears the mark of conformity to the EU quality requirements and standards.

IDN-03 has been designed for nursing and providing intensive care to infants, including premature babies with critically low body weight (500 g and above) and pathologies. Little patients need special approach, even more demanding than to those weighing one kilogramme and more. The equipment for nursing them must be capable of maintaining the temperature, humidity and other parameters at a certain level. IDN-03 meets all such requirements.

For example, this incubator automatically regulates the micro-climate. The device is equipped with a microprocessor system for monitoring of oxygen concentration inside the infant section, air humidity, temperature and body weight of the newborn baby. Internal memory of IDN-03 allows to store all monitoring parameters for seven days and display the trends.

IDN-03 is also equipped with a self-diagnostic system controlling the functioning of all incubator units. Other device's advantages include an integrated weighing cell, an infant module lift and tilt mechanism, a place for X-ray film pack installation for X-ray imaging. The integrated video monitoring function allows to broadcast the video image of the baby to parents via the Internet.

Thus, the hi-tech IDN-03 is capable of creating a favourable environment for a newborn during the first days of life while ensuring comfortable working conditions for the medical staff and the opportunity for the parents to be closer to the baby.