13 Oct 2017

Biathlon-7-4: An Olympic Rifle


Biathlon rifles from Izhevsk have been used in the Olympics for more than half a century. Over the years they were gradually improved. Today, the work on improvement of biathlon rifles is well under way at Kalashnikov. Pursuant to the partnership agreement with the Russian Biathlon Union, Kalashnikov Concern has upgraded BI-7-4 rifles for the Russian national biathlon team.

Sporting rifles BI-7-4 are manufactured in Izhevsk under the IZHMASH brand and are designed for shooting at a distance of 50 m during biathlon competitions. They utilise 5.6 mm (.22LR) rimfire cartridges manufactured by Russian and foreign companies.

Having inherited the main advantages of the previous models, the upgraded BI-7-4 rifles are distinguished by better shot grouping at a temperature of up to -20 °C, and smoother movement of the firing mechanism. These improvements allowed to reduce the time and simplify the rifle reloading process to the maximum extent possible, thus increasing its fire rate.

The sight assembly is diopter, quick-release, equipped with a protective cover. The sight ensures high-precision pointing by rotating the vertical and horizontal drums. Adjustment of the diopter sight with regard to the eye is made by its movement along the base located on the receiver.

Izhevsk rifles BI-7-4 are used at international competitions by such leading sportsmen as Evgeny Garanichev, Anton Babikov, Alexander Povarnitsyn, Olga Podchufarova and many other Russian biathlon athletes. According to the Russian Biathlon Union, the upgraded BI-7-4 rifle will reinforce the standing of Izhevsk rifles among athletes, and will allow to achieve "golden" results, including the upcoming 2018 Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea.