10 Oct 2017

Ansat: Simple and Easy-Going


Ansat has been designed as a multi-purpose helicopter. This vehicle is capable of easily changing its purpose thanks to readily removable equipment – from cargo shipments and carriage of passengers to search and rescue missions and emergency medical aid. Due to its uniqueness, today Ansat generates interest in operators both in Russia and abroad.

"Ansat" means "light, simple" in Tatar. Indeed, this helicopter is fairly maintenance-friendly and can be operated by one pilot. A modern navigation system is installed on Ansat to ensure manual and automated operation in favourable and adverse weather conditions.

Ansat is capable of developing a speed of 275 km/h and has a flying range of above 500 km. Due to the use of readily removable equipment the multi-purpose Ansat helicopter can be quickly re-equipped for various missions. The helicopter is used for carriage of cargo and passengers, and as medical, search and rescue and patrol helicopter.

The transportation version of Ansat is designed for cargo carriage both inside the cabin and using an external load sling system. Capacity of this helicopter modification is 1,300 kilogrammes (inside the cabin).

A wide sliding door and large capacity of the cabin allow to comfortably carry up to eight passengers. The vehicles was approved for commercial carriage in late 2014. One year later a VIP version of Ansat was certified – a modification with a "Salon" cabin and an air conditioning system. Large cabin allows to install five seats and a clothes cabinet and a full-fledged baggage compartment with an integrated mini-bar. The passenger area is equipped with air ventilation and conditioning systems with individual blow points and illumination lights, and vibration-absorbing armed seats.

The medical version of Ansat provides full features of a "flying ambulance". Ansat equipped with a medical module is designed for emergency evacuation and transportation. Airborne equipment allows to continuously monitor the condition of the injured, sustain his or her life and perform intensive care. The Ansat's on-board set of medical equipment corresponds to the most advanced world standards.

The police modification of Ansat was designed as part of the "Police Helicopter" programme according to the specifications provided by law enforcement agencies of Russia for patrol and rescue missions, rendering aid in emergency situations and environmental catastrophes.

The police version of Ansat is equipped with platforms for carriage of a special operations team of four to six persons and equipment for landing operations. The electro-optical system of the helicopter is capable of area survey from a certain altitude, allows to "read" licence plates of cars and recognize faces of people, transmit data online to the ground indicator of the command centre to a distance of up to 5 km. The police version of Ansat is also equipped with an adjustable searchlight for target illumination during night time and an external loudspeaker for voice command and population warning.