28 Sep 2017

T-500 Airplane: a "Flying Tractor"


This year, during the MAKS Air Show the first T-500 agricultural airplane, some sort of a "flying tractor", got off the ground. This airplane is expected to be commercially built in the nearest future.

The tests have already been performed, and certification must be completed early next year. Thus, T-500 will become the first certified special-purpose agricultural aircraft in the modern Russia. Following the certification ORPE Technologiya named after A.G. Romashin (a member of the RT-Chemcomposite holding company) and MVEN firm (they jointly implement the T-500 project) will commence commercial output the airplane. The results of a marketing research confirm high demand for this type of aircraft not only in Russia, but also abroad.

This special-purpose aircraft is designed for aerochemical pest control, environmental monitoring, large industrial facilities inspection, weather control, forest treatment against pest and liquidation of oil spills.

The frame of the airplane is entirely made of composite materials. A hot moulding method is used for building the airplane, so the aircraft can be operated in hot climate regions. Glazing of T-500 is made of a high-strength material and has a multifunctional coating that ensures efficient protection of the pilot against harmful external factors.

The nozzle system for dispersion of chemicals is designed to utilize the modern ultralow spraying technology which ensures cost-effective and efficient treatment with the newest types of chemical compositions. T-500 is capable of treating the fields on low altitudes, and a powerful turbulence current ensures coverage of the lower part of vegetation by chemicals. Productivity is more than 150 ha per hour.