Board of Academics

The Board of Academics comprised specialists in high technologies development and production


High-technology production and innovative development projects implementation rate are the basic factors forming international market competitiveness. ‘Rostec’ provides Russian scientific and industrial companies with support in various areas including defence-industry complex within ‘Science and technology development’ 2012-2020 state programme implementation.

‘Rostec’ Board of Academics was created in 2009 in order to enhance science-technical line and carry out investment programmes.

BA is meant to be an advisory body and comprise the specialists experienced in high technology production development, production and exportation.

The Board works out a long-term research development programme, considers advanced technological solutions based on technical achievements and international experience in order to exploit ‘Rostec’ production potential. The Board of Academics facilitates the realization of goods and exportation opportunities. Besides, BA promotes ‘Rostec’ companies collaboration with other boards of academics and scientific institutions.

BA also specifies the priority guidelines for scientific potential development, points out problems connected with high technology production and corrects them, envisages most significant projects considering their research methods, technical feasibility and international scientific standard relevance. The Board advises ‘Rostec’ on project implementation, if it meets the requirements, or otherwise, denotes the reasons of its inexpedience.

The Board of Academics comprises 19 members from the corporation. The chairman and the members are put in for 5 years by ‘Rostec’ Board of Directors. Currently Yuriy Koptev, Doctor of Engineering Science, Tsiolkovsky Russian Academy of Cosmonautics real member, the Head of aircraft producers union, is the Chairman of the Board of Academics.

The Board of Academics

1.Yuriy Nikolaevich Koptev – Chairman of the Board of Academics, Doctor of Engineering Science.
2.Evgeniy Rudolfovich Achildiev – Head of ‘Bio technologies, medical equipment and pharmaceutics’ section, innovation Deputy CEO of ‘RT-Biotechprom’.
3.Yuriy Ivanovich Belyi – CEO of Tikhomirov Scientific Research Institute of Instrument Design, Doctor of Engineering Science.
4.Aleksandr Nikolaevich Brindikov – Head of ‘Military-Technical cooperation’ section, Head of ‘Rosoboronexport’ Advisory Board, Doctor of Engineering Science.
5.Irek Florovich Gumerov – Head of ‘Automobile construction technologies’ section, Development Deputy CEO of KAMAZ, Doctor of Engineering Science.
6.Vladimir Nikolaevich Ivanov – CRI for Precision Machine Building, Doctor of Engineering Science.
7.Aleksandr Fedorovich Ivakh – Head of ‘Aviation engines and gas-turbine construction’, Projection and Technologies Director and Chief Designer of UEC.
8.Nikolay Nikolaevich Ivenev – operating CEO counsellor of ‘NPO ‘Vysokotochnye kompleksy’,  Doctor of Engineering Science.
9.Evgeniy Sergeevich Kachanov – Head of ‘Electronic warfare and IFF systems and complexes’ section, CEO of Kaluga Research Radio Engineering Institute, Doctor of Engineering Science.
10.Valeriy Mikhaylovich Kashin – Head of ‘General armament technologies’ section CEO and Chief Designer of ‘KB-Mashinostroyeniya’, Doctor of Engineering Science.
11.Aleksandr Sergeevich Komarov – Head of ‘Radio electronics systems, complexes and participating database, cables and batteries’ section, scientific and production Director of  ‘Ruselectronics’, Doctor of Engineering Science.
12.Valeriy Borisovich Litvinov – Head of ‘polymeric and composite material technologies and chemical industry’ section, CEO of ‘Composite materials’, Doctor of Engineering Science.
13.Nikolay Aleksandrovich Makarovets – Head of ‘Ammunition and special chemistry’ section, CEO of SPLAV State Research and Production Association, Doctor of Engineering Science.
14.Sergey Valeryevich Maksin – CEO of Shvabe.
15.Sergey Nikolaevich Rusakov – CEO of Mechanical Engineering Research Institute.
16.Nikolay Ivanovich Turko – Head of ‘Scientific-technological cooperation with Russian academies and univeresities’ section, Advisor Director General of the corporation, Doctor of Military Science.
17.Andrey Evgenyevich Tyulin – Head of ‘Aviation equipment construction and aero system aggregates’ section, CEO of AEC, Doctor of Engineering Science.
18.Anatoliy Mikhaylovich Filachev – CEO of ‘Orion’, corresponding member of RAS.
19.Andrey Borisovich Shibitov – Head of ‘Helicopter construction’ section, Scientific and Technical Policy and Production Deputy CEO of ‘Russian Helicopters’.