Website terms of use

Website terms of use

1. Conditions and agreements

This resource is the official website of Russian Technologies State Corporation. All information and data on this Website and its sections are for information purposes only.

The Site contains public freely accessible information, unless dedicated documents expressly state otherwise. These terms and conditions apply to all visitors and users. Use of information on this Site constitutes the user’s consent to these terms and conditions.

2. Content and copyright

All information on Russian Technologies (RosTech) State Corporation may be reproduced in any mass media, on Internet web servers or on any storage and presentation media without any restrictions on volume of reproduction or time of publication.

This permission applies equally to print newspapers, magazines, radio stations, TV channels, Internet websites and pages. The only condition for reprinting or redistribution (broadcasting) is a reference to the source ( No prior permission from RosTech is required to reproduce or redistribute the information.

3. Data protection

Website users’ personal data (IP addresses and domain names), as well as the information supplied for use of the Website’s interactive services (email addresses) are stored on the Website’s server side and are used exclusively for statistics purposes in order to optimize communications with the users. Visitor information cannot be used or disclosed in any other case or for any other purpose.

Personal data on the Website users is stored and processed in compliance with the requirements of the Russian law on personal data.

Mailing any electronic communications to email addresses of the Website users or posting hyperlinks to their email addresses and/or to their web pages on the Website are allowed only if this mailing or posting is directly stipulated by the terms of use of a corresponding interactive service, or if the user has given prior consent to such mailing or posting.

4. Use of Cookies

You have to install applicable software to view specific files on this site. You can use the following download links as needed. All software applications listed on this page are available free of charge.

1) Please use OpenOffice or Lotus Symphony applications to open .doc .xls .ppt (.pps) files.
2) You can use Adobe Reader, Foxit Reader or GSview software to view .pdf files.
3) Image files .jpeg .tif (.tiff) multipage .tif .gif .bmp can be viewed in IrfanView, GSview and XnView.
4) Files can be extracted from .zip and .rar archives with 7-Zip, WinZip and IZArc software.
5) If files with extension .jar fail to run properly, Java needs to be installed.