Cyber-Protected Equivalent of Skype Has Withstood Massive Hacker Attacks

Cyber-Protected Equivalent of Skype Has Withstood Massive Hacker Attacks

Photo: Viktor Molodtsov

Capabilities of the cyber-protected video conference call system called IVA AVES-S have been demonstrated in the show room of the Avtomatika Concern. The system has been subjected to a series of DDOS attacks before the eyes of potential buyers, and certain failure of the network equipment and servers have been simulated. Nevertheless, IVA AVES-S has proven its endurance and preserved full operability of all services.

The IVA AVES-S system is an all-purpose software and hardware platform for multi-point secure video conference calls in the Full HD format. As distinct from famous Skype designed for the bulk user, the potential buyers of the IVA AVES-S system are the government, the industry, and large corporate customers placing high demands to information security.

The solution allows to exchange text messages in chat, jointly work with documents, carry out online polls, demonstrate presentations, and record the conference calls while enjoying the safety of data transfer. The system is being developed by a subsidiary of Rostec, Mashtab Research Institute (a member of the Avtomatika Concern), and HighTech Group.

The Russian software product IVA AVES-S is not laden with license agreements with foreign vendors, and has the "trusted" status (certified by the Ministry of Defence and the Federal Service for Technical and Export Control), and it is compatible with the existing IT infrastructures of the enterprises and governmental bodies. As compared to foreign counterparts, the cost of the platform is lower, and the price for IVA AVES-S is not dependent on the foreign currency exchange rate.