27 Dec 2017

Rosoboronexport Demonstrated Russian Weapons to Foreign Diplomats


Rosoboronexport, a Rostec State Corporation subsidiary, participated in the demonstration of Russian civilian, duty, sporting and hunting weapons to the army attaches and employees of the Latin American embassies accredited in Russia.

The presentation was arranged by the National Committee for the Assistance to the Economic Cooperation with Latin American Countries. It also involved the leading Russian manufacturers of weapons and ammunition under the auspices of the purpose specific exporter.

"In 2017, amendments to the law "On Weapons" empowered Rosoboronexport to export non-military weapons for the benefit of the partner states law enforcement bodies apart from the combat weapons. This a landmark event for us and foreign customers," stated Igor Sevastianov, Rosoboronexport Deputy General Director.

The primary buyers of non-military and duty weapons include the police, special services of foreign states, as well as numerous sports and hunting clubs in the Americas.

According to Igor Sevastianov, the army attaches and employees of Latin American diplomatic missions were specifically interested in Vepr and Saiga rifles, civilian modifications of Tigr sniper rifles, as well as ammunition and accessories for them. The diplomats were detailed on the weapons promotion and supply to their countries.