21 Dec 2017

Slovakian Rescuers Acquainted Themselves With the Uralvagonzavod Civilian Products


A delegation from the Slovak Republic composed of representatives of DHZ POLE fire and rescue team, which is a Russian Ministry for Emergency Situations counterpart, visited the Omsk Transport Machine Building Plant (Omsktransmash), a Rostec Uralvagonzavod subsidiary.

The guests from Slovakia got acquainted with the civilian products of the enterprise as well as the cost and technical parameters of the amphibious carrier PTS-PS. Then the capabilities of PTS-PS were demonstrated at the test range. According to the Slovakian party, the amphibious vehicle is virtually unique. When leaving the plant, representatives of the Slovak Republic expressed their confidence in further cooperation.

"Product line diversification of the defence industry enterprises has become today a top-priority task for the defence industry development, therefore the plant pays special attention to the improvement of civilian equipment production, and the interest towards our vehicles and new developments indicates that the equipment turned out by Omsktransmash is in high demand both in Russia and abroad," noted Igor Lobov, Omsktransmash JSC General Director.

The advanced PTS-PS amphibious carrier is designed to carry passengers, prime movers, cars and various cargo over bodies of water. The vehicle's capacity is 16 tons on water and 11 tons on land. Design flexibility of the amphibious carrier allows to use it for search-and-rescue missions in natural and man-made disaster areas.