18 Dec 2017

LADA Izhevsk Has Produced the 5-Millionth Car

The 5-millionth LADA car has been produced on December, 16, at LADA Izhevsk, a part of AVTOVAZ Group. It was LADA Vesta SW Cross with the Carnelian color in the Luxe trim-level and with “Multimedia” package. The car price is 791 900 rubles. The car will go on sale in the dealership of Saratov.

The Open Day of “LADA Izhevsk” was coincided with the 5-millionth car production that was on December, 16. 26 000 of people have visited this event which became the traditional family holiday. The management of LADA Izhevsk and AVTOVAZ, Udmurtia Republic and Izhevsk have attended the holiday.

The history of “LADA Izhevsk” started in 1966, when the first Moskvitch-408 was produced. The automotive plant had produced well-known Moskvitch-412 and a big model range of “Izh” in different types of body. The LADA cars started to be assembled early in 2000-th, and the joining into the AVTOVAZ Group in 2010 was an extremely important step for company’s development. There was a great modernization and technical rebuilding with the support of Renault-Nissan Alliance. After that the LADA Izhevsk plant has absolutely met the standard international requirements of auto industry. 2015 was the breakthrough moment for LADA Izhevsk due to the production launch of a new LADA Vesta. The plant has already celebrated the producing of the 100-thousandth LADA Vesta sedan in June, 2017.

Nowadays LADA Izhevsk produces as brand’s bestsellers - LADA Vesta and LADA Granta Liftback so the very modern novelties – LADA Vesta SW Cross and LADA Vesta SW, which have opened a new niche in Russian market. They combine the expressive design, multifunctionality and a new philosophy of comfort.

The AVTOVAZ Group is part of the Alliance Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi and produces cars under 4 brands in full cycle: LADA, Renault, Nissan, Datsun. Production facilities of the Group are located in Togliatti – PJSC AVTOVAZ and in Izhevsk – LLC LADA Izhevsk. 
Today the Brand is presented by 22 models in the B, B+, SUV and LCV segments that are grouped in 7 families: Vesta, XRAY, Largus, Granta, Kalina, Priora and 4x4. The Brand occupies 20% share of the Russian passenger car market. The official dealership network of LADA is the largest in Russia – over 300 dealerships.