15 Dec 2017

Roselectronics Has Developed a Neuroactive Device for People Suffering from Nervous System Impairment


Roselectronics JSC specialists have developed a neuroactive device for people suffering from nervous system impairment. It is in particular intended  to address the needs of apoplectic patients as well as of those suffering from progressive muscular atrophy, heavy craniocerebral or  rachial traumas who have retained a state of consciousness and awareness but incapable of verbal or motofacient communication with other people.

The “ADK-01”device integrates the basedon video-oculographic technology with a brain-computer interface. It consists of an extended reality optically transparent video display unit and an electrodes- furnished headset.

An onscreen Cyrillic and Latin keyboard is positioned in front of the patients’ eyes. The device tracks patient’s eyes motion through a video-oculography channel and defines the character the patient’s attention is focused on. The character appears on the screen once a preset time limit is exceeded. The composed messages may be delivered on to an external monitor and dispatched by e-mail or SMS.

“ADK-01” weighs approximately 800 grams and stays operational from 1 to 6 hours depending on the installed power pack capacity. The indicative cost will be around 300K rubles.