12 Dec 2017

Shvabe Will Supply Medical Equipment to Kyrgyzstan Within the Framework of an UN Program


Shvabe - a holding company and a Rostec State Corporation subsidiary - will supply cardiological equipment to the UN representation in the Kyrgyz Republic. The equipment will be used in Osh Region districts for ECG screening and providing urgent medical assistance.

Shvabe will ship before February 2018 its latest medical equipment modifications like Kardiometr– MT diagnosing system designed to evaluate automatically the state of the cardio-vascular system as well as AND A15  Automatic External Defibrillator. It will be the first shipment upon signing a Memorandum of Intentions with the Kyrgyz Ministry of Public Health on cooperation in the high-tech medical domain.

“An opportunity to contribute to a higher level medical assistance in one of the remotest Kyrgyz regions within the  framework of an UN humanitarian program is of great significance for us,” said Ivan Ozhgihin, Shvabe CEO Deputy.

The medical equipment supply is part of the UN Development Program: “Osh Region Integrated Development” funded by Russia and implemented in the Kyrgyz Republic in conjunction with national partners.