15 Nov 2017

Russian Helicopters to Develop Non-Defence Products Export


Andrey Boginsky, General Director of the Russian Helicopters holding company, was interviewed by the Russia 24 TV channel during one of the largest international aviation salons Dubai Airshow being held from 12 to 16 November in Dubai. The head of the holding company told about the core lines of cooperation with foreign partners and manufacturing of ambulance helicopters for medical care to citizens living in remote areas of the country.

According to Andrey Boginsky, the traditional markets where the holding company sells its products are India, China, countries of the Middle East and Latin America. As of today, countries of the Middle East operate about 600 vehicles manufactured in the Soviet Union and Russia, and 80 of them are civilian helicopters. Thus, Russian Helicopters are primarily aimed at developing this line of business.

Besides, the holding company has initiated international certification of new models. In particular, today Ansat helicopter is being certified in China. This process is expected to be initiated in Pakistan, Mexico, Columbia and Brazil.

At Dubai Airshow 2017, Russian Helicopters have already signed a contract with an Indian company Vectra Group for supply of Mi-171А2 civilian helicopter, and this vehicle is being concurrently certified in India. The holding company also works on the Ка-226Т helicopter project in cooperation with the Indian party. According to Andrey Boginsky, it is expected that the joint Russian-Indian enterprise will sign a contract with the Indian Ministry of Defence by the end of this year or early next year.