16 Oct 2017

Kuznetzov Engines Guarantees Successful Launch of the Progress Cargo Spacecraft


Rocket engines RD-107А/RD-108А built by the Samara enterprise PJSC Kuznetzov (a member of the United Engine Corporation, UEC) have guaranteed successful launch of the Progress-MS-07 cargo spacecraft.

The launch was made on 14 October at 11:47 Moscow time from the Baikonur Cosmodrome. This was eleventh launch of Soyuz space launch vehicles this year that were guaranteed by commercial products manufactured by UEC.

Modifications of engine units RD-107А/RD-108А have been installed on the first and second stages of all R-7-type carrier vehicles (including Soyuz space launch vehicles) since 1958. As of today, these engines are commercially built by PJSC Kuznetsov under design supervision of JSC NPO Energomash named after V.P. Glushko. Statistical reliability of the equipment is above 99.9%.

The Progress-MS-07 cargo spacecraft will deliver more than two tons of various cargo to ISS, including fuel, air, equipment required to maintain the station in a serviceable condition, mails and deliveries, and life support systems for the crew members. It should be recalled that today there are two Russians onboard the spacecraft – Sergey Ryazansky who started his mission on 28 July, and Alexander Misurkin who went into space on 12 September.

The Progress-MS-07 spacecraft will be docked to ISS on 16 October 2017 at 02:10 p.m. Moscow time, as was stated by the Mission Control Centre (MCC).