04 Sep 2017

KAMAZ Presents a New Vehicle With the K5 Generation Cabin


As always, KAMAZ takes active role in the International Commercial Vehicle Auto Show Comtrans 2017 being held in Moscow from 5 September to 9 September. One of the main items exhibited by the auto giant is the tractor truck with a brand new K5 cabin and a second-generation electric bus.

This year's premiere by KAMAZ was a vehicle with a brand new K5 cabin. It meets all modern requirements, and its design is focused on ergonomics, convenience and driver's comfort. The most important features of the new cabin include: controls and dashboard within the arm's reach, wide adjustment range of the seat, two sleeping berths and an on-board information system with a 10" touch screen.

KAMAZ-6282 Electric Bus with an upgraded interior and exterior design will also be exhibited at Comtrans 2017. The main advantages of electric buses over the means of transport powered by internal combustion engines are environmental friendliness, noiselessness and operating economy. It takes only 6-20 minutes to charge, which is 20 times less than the average charging time of the previous generation batteries.

The company's exhibition stand at Comtrans 2017 will also demonstrate the newest trucks of the advanced family: KAMAZ-5490 NEO and its gas-and-diesel modification, KAMAZ-54901, KAMAZ-54909 with an on-demand front hydraulic drive, hybrid truck KAMAZ-65208 with a waste bin superstructure and more.