Rostec offers Latin American countries comprehensive security solutions

Rostec offers Latin American countries comprehensive security solutions


Solutions in the area of cybersecurity and single integrated border, facility and airspace control systems offered by the holding companies of the Russian State Corporation Rostec may contribute to the forming of an independent technology policy in Peru. The major industrial corporation is participating in the SITDEF 2017 Exhibition of Technology in Defense and Prevention of Natural Disasters.

Rostec, a major Russian industrial corporation, and its holding companies are offering Peruvian special services high-technology solutions for digitizing and unifying control processes in both the defense and civilian spheres. The Comprehensive Security Systems Project includes all types of weapons, more than 200 units of special technical devices and equipment, as well as highly protected IT solutions that will significantly improve the safety of cities and crucial facilities, such as nuclear power plants, and increase control over state borders.

“These technologies not only significantly reduce operational costs, they also serve as one of the basic elements in the transition to a new technological paradigm, i.e. Industry 4.0. The availability of automated state services, the hyperconnection of all elements and sensors of the system, cybersecurity, and protected cloud communication represent not only a matter of compliance with advanced global technological standards, but, most of all, a modern response to national security challenges,” says Victor Kladov, Rostec Director for International Cooperation and Regional Policy.

A comprehensive system, scalable to the needs of the consumer nation, can predict the development of a situation based on large data sets, notify and dispatch law enforcement, and also monitor the current situation as usual. One of the finest examples of its use was the provision of safety measures during the 2014 Sochi Olympic Games and international forums and summits in 2015 and 2016.

Security systems, along with telecommunications in the field of data transmission and storage, photonics and electronic component bases, medical equipment and optics, represent the most dynamically developing sector of the global market. By 2025, its volume will exceed US$3 trillion. A global technological paradigm change has led to an industrial transformation in Russia. Rostec State Corporation is determined to increase the volume of high-tech civilian products in new markets and is focusing on dual-purpose products, including the comprehensive security and communication systems mentioned.