"Ruselectronics" to start production of new artillery reconnaissance system

"Ruselectronics" to start production of new artillery reconnaissance system


The holding company "Ruselectronics" has announced that the advanced artillery reconnaissance system 'Penicillin' would go into production in less than two years' time, with state trials expected to wrap up soon. The new system is able to pinpoint the location of enemy artillery less than five seconds after firing.

In a press release "Ruselectronics" confirmed that mass production of the new artillery reconnaissance system would begin in early 2019. The St. Petersburg-based Vector Research Institute, part of the company, is tasked with developing the system.

"Penicillin" can detect the firing positions of enemy artillery, mortars, MLRS (multiple launch rocket systems), anti-aircraft and tactical missiles, and adjust artillery fire.

During this "Penicillin" works at safe distances away from the enemy, and can operate in automatic mode, without a human operator. This allows for precise artillery reconnaissance without risking the lives of army personnel.

The mobile system is mounted aboard a Kamaz-6350 chassis. It operates in a combat radius up to 25 km wide. The system consists of the 1B75 electro-optical module, which works in the infrared and visible spectrum using imagining cameras placed on a telescopic boom, and several ground-installed 1B76 sound and seismic receivers. 'Penicillin' works at any time day or night.