20 Jan 2016

Russian Helicopters is ready to provide aftersales service for the Mi-8/17 in Serbia

Russian Helicopters is ready to provide aftersales service for Russian aircraft operating in Serbia. To improve the quality of services, the holding is considering the possibility of retrofitting the repair facilities of the aircraft factory Moma Stanojlovic.

Technical experts of Russian Helicopters are studying the production capabilities of the Serbian enterprise to determine how it could be retrofitted to provide quality service for Mi-8/17 helicopters operating in Serbia.

The holding company and its foreign partners have not ruled out the possibility of enhancing the production capacity of the aircraft factory Moma Stanojlovic by offering repair for the helicopter fleets of neighboring European countries that also use Russian helicopters.

"Our priority is the active development of programs that provide aftersales service for the Russian-manufactured civil and military helicopters that are used all over the world,” said Igor Chechikov, deputy CEO for aftersales service. “There are Mi-8/17 helicopters used in Serbia and other European countries that require repair and modernization.”

The network of certified Russian Helicopters service centers operates in all key regions of the world, including in Europe, Latin America, Africa, the Asia-Pacific area, and the CIS countries.

The legendary series of Mi-8/17 helicopters is known worldwide. The popularity of these aircraft can be attributed to their high reliability, ruggedness, and ease of repair. Mi-8/17 helicopters are used worldwide in humanitarian, search and rescue, and patrol operations, as well as air ambulance and passenger transportation helicopters. These aircraft have demonstrated their effectiveness through their use in local armed conflicts, anti-terrorist operations, and the fight against drug trafficking.