Two LADA models win 2015 car of the Year Award

Two LADA models win 2015 car of the Year Award


Two LADA vehicles  Lada Kalina Cross and MPV Lada Largus  have won the prestigious national Car of the Year Awards in Russia. The awards were presented to AVTOVAZ CEO Bo Andersson in the awards ceremony in Moscow.

Lada Kalina Cross won the award in the Off-road Station Wagon category, with the panel van Lada Largus winning the Award in the Minivan category for the third time.

Lada Kalina Cross entered production in the fall of 2014. The car became available at dealerships in November 2014, and has been gradually gaining popularity, with more than 1,500 cars sold in four months. The Cross series created on instructions from AVTOVAZ CEO Bo Andersson, has raised clearance, a protective body pack, and unique interior finishes. In developing this niche model, AVTOVAZ attempted to satisfy the growing need of Russian people for crossovers – spacious cars with enhanced off-road capability.

The fact that AVTOVAZ models have won the awards demonstrates that their high quality and good consumer features have helped to overcome stereotypes

Sergey Chemezov, CEO, ROStec

Lada Largus went into production at AVTOVAZ in April 2012. The Lada Largus family is firmly entrenched as a leader among station wagons: the Russian market has no other budget car of compatible volume capacity. As many as 74,291 cars in the Lada Largus family were sold in Russia in 2014. The car is a Russian sales leader in the station wagon category.

According to Rostec CEO Sergey Chemezov, AVTOVAZ models winning the awards were indicative that their high quality and good consumer features were helping to overcome negative stereotypes.  “It is important that the Awards are corroborated by the data we are getting from our dealers. AVTOVAZ has taken over more than 20% of the passenger car market this year to date, and intends to build on this success. AVTOVAZ will introduce another new model – Lada Vesta – in the coming months,” the Rostec CEO said.

As he received the Awards, the AVTOVAZ CEO expressed especial gratitude to the team of engineers and designers who were behind development and organizing production of the LADA models that won the Awards.

Bo Andresson also said that Lada Kalina Cross won the first place in the year of its market introduction. This is a good reason to believe that AVTOVAZ is becoming a truly customer-oriented company.

Two AVTOVAZ models winning the Car of the Year Russia awards is indicative of the popular recognition of the Russian giant automaker’s products.