110,000 LADA Largus have been produced in two years

110,000 LADA Largus have been produced in two years


In the past two years  AVTOVAZ  made more than 110,000 LADA Largus cars. Majority were passenger vehicles but some were for commercial use.

LADA Largus is currently the best-selling station wagon on the Russian automobile market. It ranks seventh in the overall ranking of car sales in Russia.

Manufacturing of LADA Largus began on April 4, 2012, and in the first year 20,000 vehicles were made. Today 330 LADA Largus cars are assembled every day.

In 2013, LADA Largus was named the Russian Car of the Year in the Minivans category.

LADA Largus is the licensed, high-capacity estate built on the B0 platform of the Renault-Nissan Alliance. The car was the first joint project between AVTOVAZ and Alliance partners. For the Russian production of Largus, the style of the front of the car and the dashboard were changed, and reinforced chassis and improved corrosion resistance were also added. The assembly line was completely renovated, creating new shops for welding and painting. LADA, Renault, and Nissan all produce cars using the B0 platform as a base. The plant’s production capacity is 350,000 cars a year, with the plan to make 70,000 LADAs Largus per year.

AVTOVAZ, part of the state corporation Rostec, is one of the largest producers of passenger cars in Russia and Eastern Europe. The company is the largest employer in the city of Togliatti in the Samara Region.