KAMAZ and Vectra Group (India) joint venture






First Russian trucks assembly plant in India launched on the premises of Vectra Group in September, 2009 in Hosurm India.

Kamaz Vectra Motors Ltd. manufactures KAMAZ-6540 trucks up to 260 h.p. The car is equipped with 11.76 litres 8-cylinder diesel engine and 11 m3 cargo bed. The unladen weight of the vehicle is 12 350 kg. India has a stable demand for the cars and that’s why now several large-scale infrastructure projects concerning roads and irrigation canals constructing, coal mining, etc. are also being implemented there.

According to KAMAZ 2020 development strategy, KAMAZ Vectra Motors Ltd. is expected to expand the production from 50 to 450 vehicles monthly.

Currently the production localization is 12% but it is planned to increase up to 100% by 2013. The same year is expected to have 7 thousand cars sold. This would allow KAMAZ to become one of the Indian truck market leaders.