Lada assembly plant in Ukraine







In 2000 AVTOOVAZ started Lada component deliveries to Ukrainian automotive concern ‘Bogdan Motors’.

After purchasing LuAZ and the components of AVTOVAZ, ‘Bogdan’, previously focused on bus production, started manufacturing light cars.

In November, 2006 AVTOVAZ and ‘Bogdan’ began VAZ-2104 and VAZ-2107 producing. According to manufacturers’ executive decision, LuAZ concentrated on buses and AVTOVAZ programme was launched in Cherkassy. In 2008 the new automobile ‘Assembly Plant #2’ started to work. Now the works makes 120-150 thousand cars per year.

After AVTOVAZ stopped producing VAZ-2110 and VAZ-2111, ‘Bogdan’ bought the licenses and started Bogdan-2110, Bogdan-2111 and Bogdan-2310 (pick-up car made of AVTOVAZ components and units).

In accordance with the memorandum signed by AVTOVAZ, ‘Bogdan’ and UkrAVTO in 2007, Lada manufacturing within Ukraine will meet the needs of the country automobile market and strengthen the Lada brand positions.

Dynamic cooperation development of this direction proves the Ukraine being strategic for the Russian car industry. The collaboration between AVTOVAZ and ‘Bogdan Motors’ is planned up to 2016 and the following interaction will implement localization programme, design new models and attract the innovative technologies.