‘Russian Helicopters’ representative office in Vietnam








‘Russian Helicopters’ opened its representative office in Hanoi in 2011 for aftersale maintenance of the Russian aircrafts.

The company supports its products during the whole life-cycle from sale to disposal. This was a part of the global service system creation programme based on helicopter maintenance certified centres and joint ventures. The implementation of the project has already started with service centres creation and certification worldwide.

Russian helicopters are traditionally in demand in the countries of Southeast Asia, which facilitates ‘Russian Helicopters’ strategic marketing policy.  Vietnam is an important aviation market and a basic platform for business development and Russian helicopter equipment promotion in Southeast Asia and Australia.

The regions employed over 300 Mi and Ka helicopters as at 2011. Half of the Vietnamese market of civil helicopters products and approximately 90% of the military were represented by Russian goods. The model range includes different modifications of civil Mi-8/17 and Ka-32 and military Mi-24 and Ka-28 series.