CNH-KAMAZ Industrial BV and CNH-KAMAZ Commerce are the KAMAZ and CNH (Case New Holland) joint ventures






CNH-KAMAZ Industrial BV was founded in 2010 by KAMAZ and CNH (the FIAT group) on a parity basis. Case New Holland is the second agricultural equipment and the third construction machinery manufacturer worldwide.

In 2009 KAMAZ and CNH reached an agreement on agricultural and construction equipment assembly plant setting up in Naberezhnye Chelny. KAMAZ jointly with State Transport Leasing Company is in charge of the production promotion and CNH is to provide the venture with its technologies, know-hows, distribution and supply chains. In 2010 the JV already started manufacturing the goods.

The venture produces equipment for agricultural and forest sectors along with construction machinery. The JV goods meet the highest quality requirements worldwide.

In May, 2010, another joint venture of KAMAZ and CNH Global NV (Fiat Industrial), CNH-KAMAZ Commerce, was created in order to distribute and maintain the CNH-KAMAZ Industrial BV production.