04 Sep 2017

Russian Skydivers Won 12 Medals at the European Championship


The Russian national skydiving team has successfully competed at the final stage of the European Championship 2017 in Podgorica and won 12 medals. The closing ceremony was held on Thursday, 31 August. The support to the Russian team during their preparation to the competition was provided by the Rostec State Corporation and the Technodinamika holding company.

The final stage of this season's Parachuting European Championship was held from 26 August to 31 August at the Ćemovsko Polje airfield in Podgorica. During six days, 150 best sportsmen from 22 European countries competed for medals in the capital of Montenegro in classic events such as accuracy landing and individual skydiving. The Russian delegation included 21 sportsmen and, as usual, was one of the most numerous teams at the competition.

The intense struggle resulted in 12 medals won by the Russian team. At the end of all stages of the European Championship the Russian skydivers secured the first place in the overall medal standings in all events.

For many decades the Russian classic skydiving team has been the top performing team, and each year it contributes the highest awards to the country's collection. This level of skill can only be achieved at training camps by continuous improvement of the technique. Such camps are arranged with the support from one of the largest Russian and global state corporations, Rostec, and the Technodinamika holding company, the leading Russian developer and manufacturer of aircraft equipment and parachute systems.